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Wardman, M.
Wardman, M R
Wardman, Mark
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Institute of Transport Studies Affiliation (see also from)
University of Leeds
University of Leeds Affiliation (see also from)
Amending the Incentive for Strategic Bias in Stated Preference Studies: Case Study in Users' Valuation of Rolling Stock
analysis of the potential for on-track competition in the British passenger rail industry, An
Demand for rail travel and the effects of external factors
Demand for rail travel to and from airports
Design of Stated Preference Travel Choice Experiments, The
Designing acceptable and effective road user charging schemes.
Developing a driving Safety Index using a Delphi stated preference experiment.
Driver response to variable message signs: A stated preference investigation
Establishing patient preferences for gastroenterology clinic reorganization using conjoint analysis.
Estimation of the determinants of bicycle mode share for the journey to work using census data
evaluation of the use of stated preference and transfer price data in forcasting the demand for travel, An
Explaining Variations in Public Acceptability of Road Pricing Schemes
Factors influencing the propensity to cycle to work
Forecasting the impact of service quality changes on the demand for inter-urban rail travel
Forecasting travel demand: a comparison of logit and artificial neural network methods
franchising of passenger rail services in Britain, The
impact of lateness and reliability on passenger rail demand, The
Inter-urban rail demand, elasticities and competition in Great Britain : evidence from direct demand models
Interactions between rail and car in the inter-urban leisure travel market in Great Britain
Modelling passenger demand for parkway rail stations
Modelling tenants' choices in the public rented sector: a stated preference approach
Models of perceived cycling risk and route acceptability
Noise and air quality valuations: Evidence from stated preference residential and business choice models.
Optimal fares regulation for Britain's railways
Public acceptability of personal carbon trading and carbon tax
review of British evidence on time and service quality valuations, A
Stated choice valuations of traffic related noise
Stated Preference methods and travel demand forecasting: An examination of the scale factor problem.
Traffic related noise and air quality valuations: evidence from stated preference residential choice models
Valuation of Aircraft Noise by Time of Day: A Comparison of Two Approaches
Valuations of aircraft noise: experiments in stated preference
value of travel time: A review of British evidence, The
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