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Chen, G.
Chen, G. Z.
Chen, George Zheng
Chen, Guoping
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University of Nottingham
Affordable electrolytic ferrotitanium alloys with marine engineering potentials
Bioconjugation of biotinylated PAMAM dendrons to avidin
Carbon monoxide-controlled synthesis of surface-clean Pt nanocubes with high electrocatalytic activity
Carbon nanotube stabilised emulsions for electrochemical synthesis of porous nanocomposite coatings of poly[3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene].
Cathodic deoxygenation of the alpha case of titanium and alloys in molten calcium chloride
Cathodic deoxygenation of the alpha case on titanium and alloys in molten calcium chloride
Cathodic refining in molten salts: Removal of oxygen, sulfur and selenium from static and flowing molten copper
Circuit elements in carbon nanotube-polymer composites
comparative study on electrochemical co-deposition and capacitance of composite films of conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes, A
Computer-aided control of electrolysis of solid Nb2O5 in molten CaCl2.
Controlling the nanostructure of electrochemically grown nanoporous composites of carbon nanotubes and conducting polymers
Design of a DNA electronic logic gate (INHIBIT gate) with an assaying application for Ag+ and cysteine
DFT studies of the degradation mechanism of methyl mercury activated by a sulfur-rich ligand
Direct and low energy electrolytic co-reduction of mixed oxides to zirconium-based multi-phase hydrogen storage alloys in molten salts
Direct electrochemical reduction of titanium dioxide to titanium in molten calcium chloride
direct electrochemical route from ilmenite to hydrogen-storage ferrotitanium alloys., A
direct electrochemical route from oxide precursors to the terbium-nickel intermetallic compound TbNi5, A
Direct Electrolytic Preparation of Chromium Powder.
Doping and electrochemical capacitance of carbon nanotube-polypyrrole composite films
Electrochemical fabrication and capacitance of composite films of carbon nanotubes and polyaniline
Electrochemical Fabrication of Nickel Manganese Gallium Alloy Powder.
Electrochemical metallization of solid terbium oxide.
Electrochemical preparation of silicon and its alloys from solid oxides in molten calcium chloride.
Electrochemical removal of oxygen for processing glass-forming alloys
Electrochemically driven three-phase interlines into insulator compounds: electroreduction of solid SiO2 in molten CaCl2.
Electrochemistry at conductor/insulator/electrolyte three-phase interlines: A thin layer model.
Electrolytic, TEM and Raman studies on the production of carbon nanotubes in molten NaCl.
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)-controlled synthesis of multicolor lanthanide doped BaYF5 upconversion nanocrystals
Extraction of titanium from different titania precursors by the FFC cambridge process.
facile strategy to prepare functionalized graphene via intercalation, grafting and self-exfoliation of graphite oxide, A
feasibility study of scaling-up the electrolytic production of carbon nanotubes in molten salts, A
golden episode continues Fenton's colorful story., A
High capacity gas storage in corrugated porous graphene with a specific surface area-lossless tightly stacking manner
High sensitive trap loss spectroscopic detection of the lowest vibrational levels of ultracold molecules
highly sensitive and selective sensing ECL platform for naringin based on b-Cyclodextrin functionalized carbon nanohorns, A
Highly sensitive electrochemical immunoassay for H1N1 influenza virus based on copper-mediated amplification
Intermetallic compounds
Internally referenced analysis of charge-transfer reactions in a new ferrocenyl bithiophenic conducting polymer through cyclic voltammetry.
Intramolecular electrostatics: Coulomb's law at sub-nanometers.
Lanthanide-doped ultrasmall yttrium fluoride nanoparticles with enhanced multicolor upconversion photoluminescence
Laser desorption/ionization on the layer of graphene nanoparticles coupled with mass spectrometry for characterization of polymers
low resistance boron-doped carbon nanotube-polystyrene composite, A
Manganese oxide based materials for supercapacitors
Mechanism study on inhibited Ru(bpy)32+ electrochemiluminescence between coreactants
Metallic Cavity Electrodes for Investigation of Powders Electrochemical Reduction of NiO and Cr2O3 Powders in Molten CaCl2
Molecular analysis of the pNY507 and ERT14 ripening-related mRNAs in transgenic tomatoes
More affordable electrolytic LaNi5-type hydrogen storage powders.
morphological study of the FFC chromium and titanium powders, A
Nanocomposites of manganese oxides and carbon nanotubes for aqueous supercapacitor stacks
Nanoscale Microelectrochemical Cells on Carbon Nanotubes
Nanostructured materials for the construction of asymmetrical supercapacitors
novel method to improve the gas storage capacity of ZIF-8, A
novel well-ordered mesoporous organosilica specialized for highly selective recognition of Pb(II) by host-guest interactions, A
One-step in situ ball milling synthesis of polymer-functionalized graphene nanocomposites
Pb2+-introduced activation of horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-mimicking DNAzyme
Preparation of Tb(2)Fe(17) by direct electrochemical reduction of Tb(4)O(7)-Fe(2)O(3) pellet in molten calcium chloride
Preparation, stability and rheology of polyacrylamide/pristine layered double hydroxide nanocomposites
Processing Nanomaterials in Molten Salts: Partially Electrometallized TiO(2) as Pt Support for Enhanced Catalytic Oxidation of CO and CH(3) OH.
"Perovskitization"-assisted electrochemical reduction of solid TiO2 in molten CaCl2.
Redox deposition of manganese oxide on graphite for supercapacitors
Reduction of titanium and other metal oxides using electrodeoxidation
Review: Carbon nanotube and conducting polymer composites for supercapacitors
Sensitive fluorescence biosensor for folate receptor based on terminal protection of small-molecule-linked DNA
Signal-on electrochemiluminescent biosensor for ATP based on the recombination of aptamer chip
simple approach to strontium sodium tantalite mesocrystals with ultra-high photocatalytic properties for water splitting, A
simple molecular beacon-based fluorescent sensing strategy for sensitive and selective detection of mercury (II), A
simple template-free synthesis of nanoporous ZnS-In2S3-Ag2S solid solutions for highly efficient photocatalytic H2 evolution under visible light, A
Solar-thermochromism of Pseudocrystalline Nanodroplets of Ionic Liquid-NiII Complexes Immobilized inside Translucent Microporous PVDF Films
study of the film formation kinetics on zinc in different acidic corrosion inhibitor solutions by quartz crystal microbalance, A
Study on the reduction of highly porous TiO2 precursors and thin TiO2 layers by the FFC-Cambridge process
Synthesis of a hierarchically macro-/mesoporous zeolite based on a micro-emulsion mechanism
Synthesis of a-layered sodium disilicate and its tribological properties in liquid paraffin
Synthesis of polymer nanograss and nanotubes by surface-initiated photopolymerization in cylindrical alumina nanopores
Theoretical exploration of the cooperative effect in NMF–NMF–amino acid residue hydrogen bonding system
Theoretical specific capacitance based on charge storage mechanisms of conducting polymers: comment on 'Vertically oriented arrays of polyaniline nanorods and their super electrochemical properties'.
Three-phase interlines electrochemically driven into insulator compounds: a penetration model and its verification by electroreduction of solid AgCl.
TiO2 nanotube/Ag-AgBr three-component nanojunction for efficient photoconversion
ultrasensitive electrochemical impedance sensor for a special BRCA1 breast cancer gene sequence based on lambda exonuclease assisted target recycling amplification, An
ultrasensitive electrochemical sensor for the mercuric ion via controlled assembly of SWCNTs, An
Unusual nanostructured ZnO particles from an ionic liquid precursor
Voltammetric studies of through-space and through-bond electrostatic interactions in alkyl linked ferrocene and benzoaza-15-crown-5 receptor molecules in acetonitrile.
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