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Titchmarsh, J. M.
Titchmarsh, John M.
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University of Oxford
Comparison of the number densities of nanosized Cu-rich precipitates in ferritic alloys measured using EELS and EDX mapping, HREM and 3DAP
Cs Corrector for Illumination
Cs Corrector for Imaging
Determination of the Fe content of embedded cu-rich particles in ferritic alloys using energy-filtered TEM
Direct observation of p-n junctions in semiconductors
Effect of Radiation Damage on Anomalous Absorption in the TEM, The
EFTEM assistant: a tool to understand the limitations of EFTEM.
Energy-Filtered Imaging of Cu-nanoprecipitates
Experimental evaluation of a spherical aberration-corrected TEM and STEM
Measurement of plastic strain of polycrystalline material by electron backscatter diffraction
Microstructural characterisation of a rapidly solidified NiMo steel
New Double-Corrected HREM/STEM and its Applications for Advanced Materials, A
On the importance of fifth-order spherical aberration for a fully corrected electron microscope.
Quantification of plastic strain of stainless steel and n ickel alloy by electron backscatter diffraction.
Quantification of plastic strain of stainless steel and nickel alloy by electron backscatter diffraction
Quantitative EFTEM measurement of the composition of embedded particles
Quasi-peritectic solidification reactions in 6xxx series wrought Al alloys
TEM Characterization of Stress Corrosion Cracks in 304SS
TEM investigation of intergranular stress corrosion cracking for 316 stainless steel in PWR environment
TEM investigations of intergranular stress corrosion cracking in austenitic alloys in PWR environmental conditions.
use of EELS elemental mapping to study precipitation reactions in a stainless maraging steel., The
versatile double aberration-corrected, energy filtered HREM/STEM for materials science., A