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Aldridge, S.
Aldridge, Simon
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Downs, Anthony John
University of Oxford
Amidinato- and Guanidinato-Cobalt(I) Complexes: Characterization of Exceptionally Short Co-Co Interactions
Bridging the gap between coordination and cluster compounds: unusual bonding modes for zinc.
Carbonyl analogues? Analysis of Fe-E (E=B, Al, Ga) bonding in cationic terminal diyl complexes by density functional theory.
Cationic Terminal Aminoborylene Complexes: Controlled Stepwise Insertion into M=B and B=N Double Bonds
Cationic terminal borylene complexes: A Synthetic and Mechanistic Investigation of M=B metathesis chemistry
Cationic terminal borylene complexes: structure/bonding analysis and [4+1] cycloaddition reactivity of a BN vinylidene analogue.
Cationic terminal borylenes by halide abstraction: synthesis and spectroscopic and structural characterization of an Fe=B double bond.
Colorimetric fluoride ion sensing by polyborylated ferrocenes: structural influences on thermodynamics and kinetics.
Coordination and activation of the BF molecule.
Dehydrogenation of saturated CC and BN bonds at cationic N-heterocyclic carbene stabilized M(III) centers (M
[(eta 5-C5H5)Fe(CO)2]2B(2,4,6-Me3C6H2): synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterization of a transition metal complex containing an unsupported bridging borylene ligand.
Exploitation of a Very Strongly -Donating SnII Ligand : Synthesis of a Homoleptic, Octahedral NiIV Complex
Exploitation of a very strongly sigma-donating Sn(II) ligand: synthesis of a homoleptic, octahedral Ni(IV) complex.
Facile syntheses of dissymmetric ferrocene-functionalized Lewis acids and acid-base pairs.
Fluoride anion binding by cyclic boronic esters: influence of backbone chelate on receptor integrity.
Generation of cationic two-coordinate group-13 ligand systems by spontaneous halide ejection: remarkably nucleophile-resistant (dimethylamino)borylene complexes.
Migratory insertion of [B(C6F5)2] into C-H bonds: CO promoted transfer of the boryl fragment.
Platinum complexes featuring terminally bound Ga(+) and In(+) ions.
Platinum Complexes Featuring Terminally Bound Ga+ and In+ Ions
Probing the intrinisic structure and dynamics of aminoborane coordination at late transition metal centers: mono(σ-BH) binding in [CpRu(PR3)2(H2BNCy2)]+.
Reactivity of the bis(pentafluorophenyl)boranes ClB(C6F5)2 and [HB(C6F5)2]n towards late transition metal reagents.
Responses to unsaturation in iridium mono(N-heterocyclic carbene) complexes: synthesis and oligomerization of [LIr(H)2Cl] and [LIr(H)2]+.
Rhodium and Iridium Aminoborane Complexes: Coordination Chemistry of BN Alkene Analogues
Selective electrochemical detection of hydrogen fluoride by ambiphilic ferrocene derivatives.
Structures and aggregation of the methylamine-borane molecules, Me(n)H(3-n)N.BH(3) (n
Studies of some volatile compounds of main group elements
Transition metal borylene complexes: boron analogues of classical organometallic systems.
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