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Darey, Matt
Darey, Matthew Jonathan
Darey, Matthew Jonathan "Matt"
Matt Darey
Matt Darey (britischer DJ)
Matt Darey (British musician)
Matt Darey (Brits diskjockey)
Matthew Jonathan Darey
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Arab, One Little (pseud)
DSP (pseud)
Kwan, Li (pseud)
MDM (pseud)
Spacebaby (pseud)
Squad, Bi Boys Action (pseud)
Sunburst (pseud)
Tekara (pseud)
Up, Mash (pseud)
Xstasia (pseud)
Related names: 
Jerry, Red (co-performer)
Lost Tribe (isMemberOf)
M3 (isMemberOf)
Urban Astronauts (isMemberOf)
Woods, Marcella (co-performer)
Woods, Michael (co-performer)
2012-03-31: A State of Trance #550, "Den Bosch, The Netherlands, A State of Yellow, Part 1: Matt Darey": Brabanthallen, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Always feat. Tiff Lacey (Floris De Haan Radio Edit)
Always feat. Tiff Lacey (Matt Darey Dub)
Always feat. Tiff Lacey (Matt Darey Original)
Always (feat. Tiff Lacy)
Ashamed (Featuring Billie Fountain)
Beast, The
Beautiful (Dubaholics deeper dub)
Beautiful (Dubaholics dub mix)
Beautiful (feat. Marcella Woods) (Pulser remix)
Big Bad
Blossom & Decay (Extended Versions)
Blue Skies I
Blue Skies II
Cant Help Myself (Featuring Billie Fountain), I
Deep (I'm Falling Deeper)
Electro Buzz
Eternity (David West & Inkfish remix)
Eternity (DJ Shah’s San Antonio Harbour mix)
Eternity feat. Izzy (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
Free Your Mind
From Russia With Love (Alaska mix)
From Russia With Love (Solar Stone mix)
From Russia With Love (Solar Stone’s Red City remix)
Gamemaster (Mandrake's Chilout Breaks Mix) (Pres. Lost Tribe)
Gift of Christmas (Gift Rapped), The
Hold On (extended instrumental mix)
I'm Free (Beautiful Day) (Sunburst mix)
Ibiza Euphoria
Killer Queen I
Killer Queen II
Liberation (2004 Chilled Mix) (feat. Marcella Woods)
Liberation 2005 (Darey vs. Woods mix)
Liberation 2005 (Factoria remix)
Liberation 2005 (Terry Bones mix)
Liberation (Condor remix)
Liberation (Darey Deep Dub Mix)
Liberation (Darey Deep Radio Edit)
Liberation (Ferry Corsten Mix) (feat. Marcella Woods)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel...) (Ferry Corsten edit)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Ferry Corsten mix)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Ferry Corsten remix)
Liberation (original mix)
Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like an Angel)
Liberation (Terry Bones Remix)
Lost at Sea (Biotones remix)
Mash It Up (Matt Darey’s Hard On mix)
MASH UP Liberation
Mashup Liberation
Matt Darey Presents... Decade
New Horizon (Featuring – Bobo)
No Words (Featuring Molly Bancroft)
Nocturnal 2010, Volume 1 (Continuous mix)
Nocturnal 2010, Volume 2 (Continuous mix)
Nocturnal Delight (Sandler mix)
Nocturnal Delight (Sandler remix)
Point Zero
Promises (Featuring Patchy)
'Pure' Euphoria: Level 4
Should Have Known (Featuring Miriam Vaga)
Step Outside Part 1 (Featuring Jonatan Bäckelie)
Sunburst I
Sunburst II
There Is A Place (Argentinox Remix) (Featuring Roberta Harrison)
U Shine On (original mix)
U Shine On (Steve Murano remix)
Upfront Trance
Very Best of Euphoria, The
Voice of an Angel (feat. Marcella Woods)
Voices of Trance 009
Wolf (Featuring Patchy)
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Plus Grands Tubes Des 100 Plus Grands DJs, Les
2009-12-24: A State of Trance #436, "Top 20 of 2009"
2010-01-14: A State of Trance #439
2010-02-25: A State of Trance #445
2010-03-18: A State of Trance #448
2010-04-22: A State of Trance #453
2010-04-24: A State of Trance #450, "Part 4: Andy Moor": Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland
2010-04-24: A State of Trance #450, "Part 5: Armin van Buuren": Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland
2010-04-24: A State of Trance #450, "Wroclaw, Poland": Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland
2010-09-23: A State of Trance #475
2010-11-18: A State of Trance #483
2011-05-12: A State of Trance #508
2011-07-14: A State of Trance #517
2011-08-11: A State of Trance #521
2012-01-19: A State of Trance #544
2012-08-09: A State of Trance #573
2013-03-01: A State of Trance #600, "São Paulo, Brazil, Part 1: Warmup Set": São Paulo, Brazil
2013-03-24: A State of Trance #600, "Miami, USA, Part 8: Above & Beyond": Miami, USA
2013-04-06: A State of Trance #600, "Den Bosch, Netherlands, Turn the World Into a Dance Floor, Part 7: Solarstone": Den Bosch, Netherlands
50 Miami Tunes 2012
95.3 Party Most Wanted 2
Altitude (extended mix)
Always (Floris Hans Chillout mix)
Always (Floris Hans radio edit)
Always (Matt Darey mix)
Always (Matt Darey radio edit)
Always (Reuben chillout mix)
Angel (Reuben chill out mix)
Angels: Chill Trance Essentials 3
Animal feat. Lucia (Bjorn Fogelberg Mindteazer Remix)
Animal feat. Lucia (Soliquid Remix)
Annual: Ibiza 2002, The
Annual: Spring 2004
Annual: Summer 2003, The
Anthems: Trance
Armada Lounge, Volume 7
Armada Sunset, Volume 4
Armada Trance 14
Armada Trance 15
Armada Trance 16
Armada Trance, Vol. 14 - 36 Trance Hits In The Mix
Armada Trance, Volume 16
Armin van Buuren 001: A State of Trance
Ayia Napa: The Album
Back 2 the Real (Kobana & Hatchet radio mix)
Back 2 the Real (Kobana & Hatchet remix)
Beat Technique, The
Beautiful (Dubaholics full vocal remix)
Beautiful (Dubaholics radio edit)
Beautiful (Hiver 'n' Hammer remix)
Beautiful (Hiver & Hammer remix)
Beautiful (JDS Remix)
Beautiful (John Johnson remix)
Beautiful (Matt Darey mix)
Beautiful (Matt Darey original 1999)
Beautiful (original 12" mix)
Beautiful (original mix)
Beautiful (Pulsar remix)
Beautiful (Pulser remix)
Beautiful (single mix)
Beautiful (Stuart Crichton radio mix)
Beautiful (Weekend Warrior remix)
Beautiful 2002 (Pulser remix)
Beautiful Voices 001 (Vocal-Chill mix)
Beautiful Voices 026 (Tiff Lacey, Reuben Halsey & Kopi Luwak Special Edition)
Best Club Anthems 2003, The
Best of 100% Dream: Music for Your Mind
Best of Old Skool Ibiza, The
Best of Trance 100 2010
Best of Trance 2004, The
Best Vocalists 2012
Black Canyon (Taurus & Vaggeli album version)
Black Canyon (Taurus & Vaggeli remix)
Black Flowers
Black Flowers (Aurosonic remix)
Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel album version)
Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel remix)
Black Flowers (Josh Gabriel remix) [Future Favorite]
Blossom & Decay
Bolero Mix 16
Boundaries of Imagination
Braun MTV Eurochart ’07, Volume 11, The
Breakdown Ibiza: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance
Breakdown: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance
Buddha‐Bar XII
Butifill (Pulsar remix)
Central Energy 2010
Charlie; Adi
Chasing The Sun
Chasing the Sun (D-Mad remix)
Chasing the Sun (Ivan Spell remix)
Chasing the Sun (Schodt remix)
ChildLiner DJs: The Gift of Christmas
Chillout Ibiza 2
Chillout Session: Ibiza 2002, The
Classic Chilled Ibiza
Classic Euphoria
Classic Euphoria, Level 2
Classic Trance Nation
Club Anthems 2000
Clubber’s Guide Summer ’04
Clubber’s Guide to… 2001
Clubber’s Guide to… Trance
Clubbers Guide 2003
Clubbers Guide 2004
Clubbers Guide Part 2 2006 (disc 2)
Clubbers Guide, Part 2: 2006
Clubland 4: The Night of Your Life
Clubland: The Ride of Your Life
Clubnights, Volume 02
Contact: Play & Dance, Volume 2
Cream 21
Cream Trance Anthems 2003
Creamfields: 10 Years: The Album
Crown of Thorns (Aurosonic album version)
Crown of Thorns (Aurosonic Progressive mix)
Crown of Thorns (Aurosonic remix)
Dance Nation
Dance Nation Anthems
Danceland 2
Danceland: Welcome to the Future
DanceStar2002 (disc 1)
Dave Pearce Dance Anthems 2007
Dave Pearce Dance Anthems Classics
Dave Pearce Presents: 40 Classic Dance Anthems
Dave Pearce: The Dance Years: 1999
Derek "The Bandit's" Chill Out (disc 2)
Direct Konnect
DJ Doboy: Vocal Edition, Volume 5
DJ Micro : My Frequency 001
DJ Mix: Liberation, Beautiful & U Shine On
DJ Only 86 (disc 1)
DMC Commercial Collection 213
Electro Buzz
Energy 2000
Eternity (Reuben Halsey chillout mix - 3rd version)
Euphoria Classics
Euphoria: A Decade of Trance Anthems
Eutopia: The Future Sound of Trance
Falcons vs. Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like an Angel) (Solarstone Mashup)
Follow You
Follow You (extended mix)
Follow You (Milan & Phoenix Remix Edit)
Follow You (Milan & Phoenix remix)
Follow You (radio edit)
Follow You (The Madison remix)
Follow You feat. Aelyn (Milan & Phoenix Remix Radio Edit)
For the Love of Trance
From Russia With Love
From Russia With Love (Alaska remix)
From Russia With Love (Oliver Lieb Remix)
From Russia With Love (original mix)
From Russia With Love (Solar Stone's Red City Remix)
Future Sound of Egypt, Volume 3 (Mixed by Aly & Fila)
Future Sound Of Egypt: Volume Three
Future Trance, Vol. 59
Gallery: 15 Years, The
Gamemaster (original mix)
Gatecrasher Anthems: Paul Van Dyk
Gatecrasher Classics
Gatecrasher Classics 2
Gatecrasher Present Crasher Live in Amsterdam & Kuala Lumpur
Gatecrasher: Wet
Girls Like Us / Beautiful (a cappella)
Global Groove Trance
Global Warm-Up Mix CD, The
Godskitchen: Classics
Godskitchen: Ibiza Trance Anthems 2012
Godskitchen: Pure Trance Classics
Godskitchen: The True Sound of a Clubbing Summer
Gold Remixes
Higher State of…’ Euphoria: Level 3, ‘A
Hold Your Breath
Hold Your Breath (David Forbes airplay mix)
Hold Your Breath (David Forbes remix)
Hold Your Breath (extended mix)
Hold Your Breath (Khomha edit)
Hold Your Breath (KhoMha remix)
Hold Your Breath (original mix)
Hold Your Breath (Tom Lue remix radio edit)
Hold Your Breath (Tom Lue remix)
Ibiza 99: The Year of Trance, Vol. 2
Ibiza Annual: Summer Ninety Nine, The
Ibiza Anthems
Incentive's 1st Birthday Mix (DJ mix by Rek da Gaff)
Into the Blue
Into the Blue (extended mix)
Intoxicate (instrumental mix)
Intro / Children (Dream version)
Kahlua Kollective Beats: Balearic Beats 2001
Kiss Ibiza 99
Liberation (Chiller Twist Remix))
Liberation (Factoria Radio Edit)
Liberation (Ferry Corsten 1999 Remix)
Liberation (Ferry Corsten mix)
Liberation (Ferry Corsten remix)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Ferry Corsten remix)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Matt Darey '99 edit)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Matt Darey ’99 edit)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Matt Darey 99 mix)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Matt Darey remix)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (original mix)
Liberation (Fly Like an Angel) (Solar Stone instrumental)
Liberation (Matt Darey 2004 mix)
Liberation (Matt Darey remix)
Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like An Angel)
Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like an Angel) (Ferry Corsten remix) [ASOT Radio Classic]
Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like an Angel) (Solar Stone remix)
Liberation (Temptation — Fly Like an Angel)
Liberation (Temptation — Fly Like an Angel) (Matt Darey remix)
Liberation 2004 (Darey vs. Woods mix)
Liberation 2005 (Darey Deep mix)
Liberation 2005 (Lys & Gigi remix)
Lost at Sea (Luiz B album version)
Lost at Sea (Luiz B remix)
Lost at Sea (Luiz B. remix)
Lost at Sea (Rodg remix - lounge edit)
Lost in Trance
Lounge Beat Volumen 1
Lucy (Redroche radio mix)
Lucy (Redroche remix)
Mash Up Mix 2015
Mega Music Dance Experience: Hurricane '99
Mellomania, Step 02
Mellomania, Step 05
Ministry of Sound: Clubber's Guide to... Ibiza 2002 (disc 2)
Ministry of Sound: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza 2002
Ministry of Sound: Summer Annual 2005
Ministry of Sound: Trance Nation Future
Mix, Volume 1, The
N.Gen Racing
No Submission
No Submission (Extended Mix)
No Submission (feat. Larry Love & Don Jackson)
No Submission (Matt Darey Tech Mix)
No Submission (Mixshow Edit)
No Submission (Radio Edit)
No Submisson
No. 1 Club Anthems Album, The
No. 1 Trance Album, The
No.1 Trance Classics Album, The
Nº1 90's Vol. 4
Nocturnal Delight
One Night in Living Room, Volume 2
Out Through the Input
Planet Chill, Volume 1 (Compiled By York)
Point Zero (Leama & Moor 2004 remake)
Point Zero 2004
Possessed (Digital Pressure)
Promo Only: Dance Radio, October 2006
Promo Only: Mainstream Club, December 2010
Put Your Hands Up! 2
Reality Bites (Sebastian Krieg album version)
Reality Bites (Sebastian Krieg remix)
Red Is Rising (Aeron Aether album version)
Red Is Rising (Aeron Aether remix)
Red Is Rising (Enton Mushi remix)
Red Is Rising (Enton Mushni remix)
Red Skin
Red Skin (Original 1994 Mix)
Resonate 4
S107 Recordings - Best of 2012
See the Sun
See the Sun (Aurosonic album version)
See the Sun (Aurosonic intro remix)
See the Sun (Aurosonic mix)
See the Sun (Aurosonic remix)
See the Sun (Aurosunic remix)
See the Sun (Dan Stone radio edit)
See The Sun (Dan Stone Remix)
See The Sun (Dan Stone Rework Edit)
See The Sun (Dan Stone Rework)
See the Sun (Hazem Beltagui radio edit)
See the Sun (Hazem Beltagui remix)
See the Sun (Matt Darey’s Sunset mix)
See the Sun (Moonbeam remix)
See the Sun (original mix)
See the Sun (radio edit)
See the Sun (Remixes)
See the Sun (Schodt remix)
See the Sun (Tenishia remix)
See the Sun (Toby Hedges radio edit)
See the Sun (Toby Hedges remix)
See the Sun (Yenn radio edit)
See the Sun (Yenn remix)
See The Sun feat. Kate Louise Smith (Moonbeam Radio Edit)
Sister Sister (original club mix) / Outro
State of Trance 600, A
State Of Trance Radio Top 20 - August / September / October 2015 (Including Classic Bonus Track), A
State of Trance Year Mix 2015, A
State of Trance: Year Mix 2009, A
Still Remember (Girl Audio radio edit), I
Still Remember (Girl Audio remix), I
Still Remember (Lian July radio edit), I
Still Remember (Lian July remix), I
Still Remember (MuseArtic album version), I
Still Remember (MuseArtic radio edit), I
Still Remember (MuseArtic remix), I
Still Remember (original mix), I
Still Remember feat. Kate Louise Smith (Lian July Radio Edit), I
Still Remember, I
Still Waters (Colorless album version)
Still Waters (Colorless remix)
Still Waters (Kevin Sunray remix)
Sum of All Fears (Matt Darey mix)
Tech-Mix 2000
Technics DJ Set, Volume 15
Techno Club, Vol. 14
Techno Club, Volume 38
That Trance Mix 2: The Best in Uplifting and Hard Trance
This Way (Matt Darey mix)
ThriveMix Presents Trance Anthems
ThriveMix Presents Trance Anthems 2
Too Far
Too Far (extended mix)
Too Far (Zetandel chill mix)
Top 25 Trance DJ's 2013
Trance 100 2010, Volume 2
Trance 100 2013, Volume 1
Trance 2001
Trance 75 2012, Volume 1
Trance 75 2012, Volume 2
Trance 75: Best of 2012
Trance Anthems 2008
Trance Anthems 2009
Trance Classics
Trance Classics, Part 2
Trance Classics, Volume 2
Trance Essentials, Volume 2
Trance Euphoria: The Best of Progressive Trance
Trance Nation
Trance Nation 2
Trance Nation 2003
Trance Nation Three
Trance Nation: Anthems
Trance Nation: Harder
Trance Nation: The Collection
Trance Top 100, Vol. 16
Trance: The Ultimate Collection 2004, Volume 2
Trance: The Ultimate Collection 2010, Volume 1
Trance: The Vocal Session 2013
Trancequility, Volume 23: Summer Breeze
Transmission Anthem Evolution
Trip in Trance 6, A
Turn It Around / Liberation
U Shine On
U Shine On (disc 2)
U Shine On (Magic Muzik remix)
U Shine On (Magik Musik mix)
U Shine On (Magik Muzik remix)
U Shine On (Matt Darey radio edit)
U Shine On (original mix)
U Shine On (original radio edit)
U Shine On (Rezonance Q edit)
U Shine On (Rezonance Q remix)
U Shine On (Steve Murano remix)
UK Garage: The Album: The Sound of 2000
Ultimate Club Album, The
Ultimate Hard House Album, The
Ultimate Summer Dance Mix, The
Ultimate Trance
Ultimate Trance, Volume 2
Urban Astronauts EP 2 (Remixed)
Velfarre Cyber Trance 06: Best Hit Trance
Very Best Of Euphoria (Limited Edition)
Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown: Summer 2008, The
Vocal Trance Sessions 2013-02
Vocal Trance Sessions 2013-03
Vocal Trance Sessions 2013-04
Voice of an Angel
Voice of an Angel (full vocal)
Voice of an Angel (Michael Woods vs. Matt Darey remix)
Voice of an Angel (vocal dub mix)
Voice of an Angel EP
Voices of an Angel (Full vocal mix)
Voices of Trance 2004
Wigan Pier Presents Bounce
Wild Nights 5
Wild Trance Anthems
Woman Trance Voices 6
Woman Trance Voices 8
World’s Greatest Euphoric Trance, The
You Shine On (Tiësto remix)