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Antoine Paganotti
Paganotti, Antoine
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Amnesiac quartet (see also from)
Bedot, Maxim (co-performer)
Borghi, Emmanuel (co-performer)
Bussonnet, Philippe (co-performer)
Cahen, François (co-performer)
d'Oelsnitz, Frederic (co-performer)
El-Malek, David (co-performer)
Favier, Simon (co-performer)
Gauthier, Patrick (co-performer)
Graillier, Michel (co-performer)
Himiko (isMemberOf)
Horellou, Gaël (1975-...)
Hurtu, Olivier (co-performer)
Hutman, Olivier (1954-...)
Lasry, Teddy (co-performer)
Les Fées du Rhin (see also from)
Magma (isMemberOf)
McHenry, Bill (1972-)
Monkey Toon (isMemberOf)
Moreaux, Nicolas
Nardin, Frédéric (1987-...)
Paganotti, Bernard (co-performer)
Paganotti, Himiko (co-performer)
Panzani, Christophe
Perchaud, Pierre (1981-)
Polish jazz quartet (see also from)
Pontvianne, Julien (1983-...)
Pontvianne, Julien (1983-..)
Rullaud, Clotilde
Thibault, Laurent (co-performer)
Top, Jannick (co-performer)
Vander, Christian (co-performer)
Vander, Stella (co-performer)
Yo5 (see also from)
Yoann Loustalot Quartet
Zelnik, Yoni (1975-...)
Zelnik, Yoni (1975-..)
African sketches after afro blue (7 min 08 s)
All too soon (4 min 56 s)
Azure (3 min 55 s)
bahiana (5 min 17 s)
Big Nick
blue line
can't get started, I
canto de Ossanha, L'eau à la bouche (5 min 02 s)
Dancers in love (2 min 09 s)
Derniers reflets
Drop in (9 min 46 s)
Duke Ellington sounds of love
Étang salé
fall in love too easily, I
Fall somewhere : an extended band featuring Bill McHenry
Falling in love with love
For all we know
Fragile (6 min 52 s)
Giant steps
Glug (2 min 27 s)
Guitar reflections
I've told every little star
Illusion (7 min 55 s)
In and out
In extremis
Janet (2 min 59 s)
Kinda dukish (3 min 20 s)
L. M.
Live 2008 [Enregistrement sonore]
Melancholia (5 min 49 s)
Minor steps
Monk - Trane
Montevideo (3 min 36 s)
Murphy's law
My melancoly baby
My shining hour
Nature boy
Oblivion, Deux coeurs perdus (9 min 03 s)
Palace spécial
Par quatre chemins (8 min 07 s)
Passion flowers (5 min 31 s)
Paul's pal
Portrait of Jennie
Respire (4 min 59 s)
Sheridan square
Single petal of rose (2 min 45 s)
This is for Albert
This is it (4 min 01 s)
Till there was you (9 min 06 s)
Time after time
Time was
Trio live
Tunnel (4 min 11 s)
Two notes fast blues
Ugly beauty (3 min 18 s)
Vision (1 min 20 s)
walk after Pie Jesu from Maurice Duruflé (5 min 55 s)
Waltz for Debby, La noyée (4 min 41 s)
Who knows (2 min 43 s)
Why do I love you
You don't know what love is