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Johnson, Martin E.
Johnson, Martin Eric
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University of Southampton
Active control and sound transmission
Active control of sound radiation using volume velocity cancellation
Active control of sound transmission
Adaptive Helmholtz resonators and passive vibration absorbers for cylinder interior noise control
Control of harmonic distortion in a motor driven subsonic acoustic source.
Control of noise transmission into a cylinder using adaptive Helmholtz resonators and passive vibration absorbers
Creating high level sound in a duct using an axial array of sources
Development of a Multi-Channel Feedforward Active Control System for the Demonstration of Active Control for Rotorcraft Interiors
Development of an efficient binaural simulation for the analysis of structural acoustic data.
effect of actuator and sensor placement on the active control of rotor unbalance., The
equivalent source technique for calculating the sound field inside an enclosure containing scattering objects, An
Exposure and materiality of the secondary room and its impact on the impulse response of coupled-volume concert halls
Helicopter cabin noise reduction using active structural acoustic control
Interior noise reduction of composite cylinders using distributed vibration absorbers
Investigation of the use of Distributed Vibration Absorbers and Adaptive Helmholtz Resonators for Control of Sound Transmission Through a Payload Fairing
Optimization of distributed vibration absorbers for sound transmission into a composite cylinder
Radiation modes and the active control of sound power
Reduction of sound transmitted into a composite cylinder using Distributed Vibration Absorbers and Helmholtz Resonators
Reference signal requirements for the feedforward control of sound transmission into a payload fairing
Use of head mounted microphone arrays for active control.
Vibration Isolation for IMP Quieting