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Steenkamp, Jan-Benedict B.
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amélioration de l'analyse de la mesure des construits marketing, applicable aux données panels, Une
Assessing measurement invariance in cross-national consumer research
Brand Equity, Consumer Learning and Choice
Brand positioning through advertising in Asia, North America, and Europe: The role of global consumer culture
Brand versus Brand
category-demand effects of price promotions, The
Competitive Reactions to Advertising and Promotion Attacks
Conceptual Model of the Quality Perception Process
Consumer and Market Drivers of the Trial Probability of New Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer attitudes toward marketplace globalization: Structure, antecedents and consequences
Country-of-origin effects in consumer processing of advertising claims
cross-national investigation into the individual and national cultural antecedents of consumer innovativeness, A
Customer Loyalty to Whom? Managing the Benefits and Risks of Salesperson-Owned Loyalty
Dancing with a Giant: The Effect of Wal-Mart's Entry into the United Kingdom on the Performance of European Retailers
Decline and variability in brand loyalty
Development and cross-cultural validation of a short form of CSI as a measure of optimum stimulation level
Drivers of consumer acceptance of new packaged goods: An investigation across products and countries
Economic and social satisfaction: Measurement and relevance to marketing channel relationships
Effect of Service Transition Strategies on Firm Value
effects of perceived interdependence on dealer attitudes, The
effects of supplier fairness on vulnerable resellers, The
effects of trust and interdependence on relationship commitment: A trans-Atlantic study, The
Exploratory consumer buying behavior: Conceptualization and measurement
Fuzzy Clusterwise Regression Approach to Benefit Segmentation, A
Fuzzy clusterwise regression in benefit segmentation: Application and investigation into its validity
Generalizations about trust in marketing channel relationships using meta-analysis
Global Investigation into the Constellation of Consumer Attitudes Toward Global and Local Products, A
How Business Cycles Contribute to Private-Label Success: Evidence from the United States and Europe
How Country Characteristics Affect the Perceived Value of Web Sites
How perceived brand globalness creates brand value
Identifying spatial segments in international markets
increasing power of store brands: Building loyalty and market share, The
Interdependence, punitive capability, and the reciprocation of punitive actions in channel relationships
International market segmentation based on consumer-product relations
International market segmentation: Issues and perspectives
investigation into the construct validity of the arousal seeking tendency scale, version II, An
Marketing renaissance: How research in emerging markets advances marketing science and practice
meta-analysis of satisfaction in marketing channel relationships, A
On of the use of structural equation models for marketing modeling
Optimum stimulation level and exploratory consumer behavior in an emerging consumer market
Perceptual mapping based on idiosyncratic sets of attributes
Private-Label Use and Store Loyalty
Reactions to perceived inequity in U.S. and Dutch interorganizational relationships
relationships among arousal potential, arousal and stimulus evaluation, and the moderating role of need for stimulation, The
Response styles in marketing research: A cross-national investigation
review and meta-analysis of country-of-origin research, A
role of national culture in international marketing research, The
Role of Optimum Stimulation Level in Exploratory Consumer Behavior, The
Segmenting Retail Markets on Store Image Using a Consumer-Based Methodology
Socially Desirable Response Tendencies in Survey Research
Task experience and validity in perceptual mapping: A comparison of two consumer-adaptive techniques
Use of LISREL in Validating Marketing Constructs, The
Using Item Response Theory to Measure Extreme Response Style in Marketing Research: A Global Investigation