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Richard P. Wunderlin
Wunderlin, Richard
Wunderlin, Richard P.
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Edwin, L. Bridges
Fischer, Jack B.
Hansen, Bruce F.
Kish, George R.
Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab
Lakela, Olga
Larsen, Kai
Larsen, Kai (1926-)
Larsen, S.S.
Larsen, Supee Saksuwan
100 Families of Flowering Plants. Second Edition
Additions to the Vascular Flora of Carroll County, Illinois
Anderson's Flora of Alaska and Adjacent Parts of Canda - S.L. Welsh
Another New Species of Chrysopsis (Asterceae, Astereae) from Florida
Atlas of the Florida Vascular Plants
Australian pine (Casuarina equisetifolia) pollen as an aeroallergen.
Avon Park Bombing Range Floristic and Vegetational Survey
Bauhinia (Caesalpinicaeae)
Bauhinia erythrocalyx: A New Speices from Mexico
Bauhinia lunarioides: a misapplied name.
Benthamia: una nueva seccion del genero Bauhinia L. (Cerideae, Caesalpinioideae, Fabaceae)
Biological Assessment of Big Bend, Florida, A
Brooker Creek Preserve Management Plan
Caesaplinioid Legumes (Fabaceae)
Callitris (Cupressaceae)
Celosia trigyna L. (Amaranthaceae), a species new to contiguous United States.
Central Highlands of Florida, U.S.A.
Compaction System for the University of South Florida Herbarium
Consideration of Barklya and the subtribes of the Cercideae (Caesalpinioideae: Fabaceae).
Contributions to an Illinois Flora No. 2 Compositae (Tribe Vernonieae)
Contributions to an Illinois Flora No. 4 Compositae II (Tribe Heliantheae, part I - Dyssodia, Helenium, Gailardia, Hymenoxys, Hymenopappus, and Polymnia)
Contributions to an Illinois Flora No. 5 (Tribe Heliantheae, Patr II - the genus Coreopsis)
Contributions to the flora of Florida. 9. Psychotria (Rubiaceae)
Cucurbitaceae in R.E. Woodson and R.W. Schery, Flora of Panama
Determination of the Status of Dicerandra Frutescens and Dicerandra Cormutissima (Lamiaceae) in Accordance With the Endangered Species Act
Determination of the Status of Lupinus Westianus and Lupinus Aridorum (Fabacae) in Accordance With the Endangered Species Act
Development of a National Wetlands laboratory Herbarium
Development of Wetland Data Base
Endangered and Threatened Plant Status Surveys in Florida
Enumeration and Typification of Genera in the Tribe Cercideae (Leguminosae)
Field Manual of the Ferns and Fern Allies of the United States and Canada
Field Research on Bauhinia (Fibaceae) in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies
Field Research on the Asteraceae of Illinois Travel Expenses
First Report of Portulaca amilis Speg. (Portulaceae) in Contiguous United States
Flora of Florida
Florida species of Ilex (Aquifoliaceae), The
Floristic and Vegetational Studies of Bureau of Land Management Lands in Collier and Lee Counties, Florida
genus Carduus in Illinois., The
Genus Opuntia (Cactaceae) in Illinois, The
Geographical Guide fo the Floras of the Wrold
Golden Aster (Chrysopsis floridana), Yellow Squirrel-banana (Deeringothamnus rugelii), Pigmy-pipes (Monotropsis reynoldsiae)
Goldenrod: Is it a Source of Aeroallergens?
Guide to the Ferns and Other Pteridophytes of Georgia
Guide to the Vascular Plants of Central Florida, A
Herbarium Improvement
Herbarium Research on the Asteraceae of Illinois Travel Expenses
Herbarium Study for the Flora of Central Florida Travel Expenses
Hygophylla polysperma (Acanthaceae) in Florida
In IOPB Chromosome Number Reports XLL
Leguminosae: A Source Book of Characteristics, Uses and Nodulation, The
Monograph of Oxalis SEction Ionoxalis (Oxalidaceae) in North America - M.F. Denton, A
Native Florida plants for drought- and salt-tolerant landscaping, 2013:
Needle Palm: Rhaphidophyllum hystrix, The
new combination in Hedyotis L. (Rubiaceae)., A
New Combinations and Taxa ni Cucurbitaceae
New Combinations in Compositae
New Combinations in the Florida Flora
New Dicerandra (Labiatae) from the Lake Wales Ridge of Florida, with a cladisitc analysis and discusson of edemism., A
New Form of Houstonia pusilla from Illinois, A
New Name and Combination in Bauhinia (Leguminosae), A
new name for an Old World Bauhinia (Fabaceae), A
New Name of the Old World Bauhinia (Fabaceae), A
new species of Bauhinia (Fabaceae) from Bahia, Brazil., A
new species of Bauhinia (Leguminosae) from Peru., A
new species of Crotalaria (Fabaceae) from the Florida Central Ridge., A
new species of Frantzia (Cucurbitaceae) from Panama., A
New Taxa of Homalomena (sect. Curmeria) from the Neotropics
New Variety of Bauhinia coulteri Macbride from Mexico, A
Note on Bauhinia hagenbeckii Harms, A
Notes on Eupatorium (Compostiae) in Illinois
Notes on Spermacoce and Mitracarpus (Rubiaceae) in southeastern United States.
Nymphaea ampla (Nymphaeaseae), a Waterlily New to Florida
Palynological Study of Little Salt Spring Peat Bog, A
Panamanian Speices of Bauhinia (Leguminosae), The
Pentalinon Viogt, an earlier name for Urechites Muell. Arg. (Apocynaceae)
Plants New to the United States and Florida
Polygonella polygama (Polygonaceae) in Florida.
Polymorphism for the Presence for the rpL2 intron in chloroplast genomes of Bauhinia (Leguminosae)
Polymorphism for the presence of the rpL2 intron in chloroplast genomes of Bauhinia (Leguminosae).
Preliminary Annotated Checklist of the Moss Flora of Carroll County, Illinois, A
Preliminary Survey of the Algal Flora of Horseshoe Lake, Alexander County, Illinois, A
Production of CD-ROM Format of Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants
Progress in Botany: Morphology, Physiology, Genetics, Taxonomy, and Geobotany
Recent Collection of Scirpus callosus L. Var. callosus Biegel. in Illinois, A
Redesign of the Atlas of Florida's Vascular Plants Website
Rediscovery of Ziziphus celata (Rhamnaceae).
Reorganization for the Cercideae (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae)
Reorganization of the Cercideae caesalpinioideae
Revision of Fevillea (Cucurbitaceae:Zanonieae)
Revision of Siolmatra (Cucurbitaceae: Zanonieae)
Revision of the Arborescent Bauhinias (Fabaceae: Casealpinioideae: Cercideae) Native to Middle America
Seed and Fruit Characters in Selected Spermacoceae and Comparison with Hedyotideae (Rubiaceae)
Seven New Cominations in Bauhinia
Seven New Cominations in the Florida Flora
Solanum viarum and S. tampicense: Two Potentially Noxious Weeds New to Florida and the United States
Solidago gymnospermoides in Illionis
Some Compositae new to Illinois.
Some Liatris New to Illinois
Some Noteworthy Old World Floras
Species turnover on a protected subtropical barrier island: A long-term study
Striga gesnerioides (Scrophulariaceae), first record of the species in the New World.
Striga gesnerioides (Willd.) Vatke (Scrophulariaceae), First Record of the Species in the Western Hemishpere
Synopsis of Dichanthelium (Poaceae) in Florida.
Systematics and Evolution of Dicerandra (Labiatae)
Three new species of Bauhinia (Fabaceae) from Ecuador.
Three-Year Aerobiological Survey of the Tampa Bay Area, Florida, A
Trees of central Florida, c1980 (a.e.)
Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Northern Florida and Adjacent Georgia and Alabama
Tribe Cercideae
Tropical Soda Apple (Solanum viarum): A New Threat in Subtropical Regions
Two new Combinations in Florida Selaginellas
Two new species and a new combination in Frantzia (Cucurbitaceae)
Two New Varieties of Bauhinia (Leguminosae) from Mexico
Undated Biological Assessment of Big Bend, Florida, An
Upgrade and Maintenance of the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants Website
USF Herbarium Botanical Type Specimen Database on the Internet
Vascular Flora of Centra Florida: Taxonomic and Nomenclatural Changes, Addition Taxa, A
Vascular Flora of the Little Manatee River State Park, Hillsborough County, Florida
Vascular plant species diversity on two barrier islands in southwest Florida.
Vascular Plants of Louisiana. An Annotated Checklist and Bibliography of the Vascular Plants Reported to Grow Without Cultivation in Louisiana, The
Vascular Plants of The Mississippi Palisades State Park, Carroll County, Illinois, The
Vegetational Surveys of Ten Tidal Rivers of West Coastal Florida
White-Flowered Form of Bauhinia coulteri from Tamaulipas. Mexico, A
Wild Orchids of Florida