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JC Le Saoût
Jean-Christophe Le Saoût
Le Saoût, Jean-Christophe
Tailor, Wax
Taylor, Wax
Taylor, Wax (pseudonym)
Wax Tailor
Wax Tailor (pseudonym)
Wax Taylor
Wax Taylor (pseudonym)
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Le Saoût, Jean-Christophe (other identity, same person)
Saoût, Jean-Christophe Le (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Blacc, Aloe (1979-....))
Caravan palace
Lidell, Jamie (1973-....))
Nouvelle vague Groupe de musique
Savary, Charlotte (19..-....; chanteuse))
Speech defect
Voice Groupe de dance music
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Alien in my belly (3 min 43 s)
Alien in My Belly (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Already begun (33 s)
Already Begun (instrumental)
Already Begun (skit)
Am I Free (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
B-boy on wax (4 min 06 s)
B-Boy on Wax (instrumental)
B-Boy on Wax (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Back on Wax (instrumental)
Behind the Curtain (Opening)
Behind the Disguise (Closing)
best of lounge music, The
Between Fellows
Beyond words (1 min 01 s)
Birth of a Struggle
Bleed Away (instrumental)
Buckwild (instrumental)
By Any Beats Necessary
By Any Remixes Necessary
Chase (instrumental), The
City lounge.
City Vapors (instrumental)
City Vapors (opening)
City Vapors (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Clock Tick (instrumental)
Clock Tick [Poldoore Remix]
Damn That Music Made My Day
Diego et son papa à la rescousse
Diggin Saloon (instrumental)
Don't Know, I
Don't You Remember
Down in Flames (instrumental)
Down in Flames (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Dragon chasers (3 min 16 s)
Dragon Chasers (instrumental)
Dragon Chasers (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Dry your eyes (3 min 41 s)
Dry Your Eyes (instrumental)
Dry Your Eyes (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Dusty Rainbow From the Dark
Dusty Rainbow (instrumental)
Dusty Rainbow (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Ecstasy (instrumental)
Ecstasy [ProleteR Remix]
Electro swing
Escape theme (1 min)
Escape Theme (instrumental)
Escape Theme (skit)
Exordium (instrumental)
Fireflies (3 min 33 s)
Fireflies (instrumental)
For the Worst (instrumental)
From the Dark (instrumental)
games you play (4 min 13 s)
Games You Play (feat. Voice), The
Go without me (4 min 09 s)
Go Without Me (instrumental)
Greenfields (3 min 40 s)
Greenfields (instrumental)
Had a Woman (instrumental), I
Had A Woman [The Geek x Vrv Remix], I
Heart Stop (instrumental)
Heart Stop (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Heart Stop (radio edit)
Hit the Road (Intro)
Hope and sorrow
House of Wax (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
How I Feel
Hypnosis Theme (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
In the Mirror (instrumental)
In the mood for life
In the Mood for Live
Into the Sky (instrumental)
Leave it (3 min 12 s)
Leave It (instrumental)
Level the sound... [etc.]
Like an Hourglass (instrumental)
Like an Hourglass (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Live 2010 à l'Olympia
Live From Earth
Lost the Way
Magic Numbers (instrumental)
man with no soul (3 min 34 s)
Man With No Soul (feat. Charlotte Savary), The
Masquerade theme (50s)
Masquerade Theme (instrumental)
Masquerade Theme (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Masquerade Theme (skit)
More songs (22 s)
More Songs (instrumental)
More Songs (skit)
My Burn (instrumental)
My Window (instrumental)
No pity (3 min)
No Pity (instrumental)
No Regret (instrumental)
Not Alone (instrumental)
Nova tunes
Once upon a past (4 min 47 s)
Only Once (instrumental)
Only Once (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Our Dance (feat. Charlotte Savary)
Our dance Madwreck remix
Our Dance (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Our dance video-radio edit
Our Dance / Walk the Line
own you (3 min 14 s), I
Own You (instrumental), I
Paris la bande orginale du film de Cédric Klapisch
Paris, New York, London, Berlin
Past, Present & Future (instrumental)
Past, Present & Future (Rock 'n' Roll)
Phonograph (instrumental), The
Phonograph [Le Parasite Remix], The
Phonovisions (instrumental)
Phonovisions (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra
Positively inclined (3 min 39 s)
Positively Inclined (feat. Marina Quaisse & A State of Mind) (Berry Weight remix)
Positively Inclined (feat. Marina Quaisse & A State of Mind) (Novel Yom remix)
Positively Inclined (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Positively Inclined / The Way We Lived
Que será (Deux Say remix)
Que sera (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Que será / Where My Heart's At
Radio broadcast (54 s)
Ringing Score
Road Is Ruff (instrumental), The
Say-Yes (a cappella)
Say-Yes (DJ Format remix)
Say Yes featuring ASM
Say Yes (instrumental)
Say Yes (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Seize the Day (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Sit & listen (4 min 04 s)
Sit & Listen (instrumental)
Something Began to Glow
Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Sound (instrumental), The
Sound (Phonovisions Symphonic version), The
Stay Tuned
Stop Motion Bloom (instrumental), A
Street scent (25 s)
Street Scent (instrumental)
Street Scent (skit)
Tales of the forgotten melodies [Enregistrement sonore]
That case (30 s)
There is danger (3 min 31 s)
There Is Danger (G Bonson remix)
This train (3 min 56 s)
This Train (instrumental)
This Train / Leave It
This Train (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Time to Go (instrumental)
Time to Go (radio edit)
To dry up (4 min 07 s)
To Dry Up (feat. Charlotte Savary)
To Dry Up (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
tune (2 min 57 s)
Tune, The
Twighlight, The
Ungodley Fruit
Ungodly Fruit
Until heaven stops the rain (3 min 48 s)
Until Heaven Stops the Rain (feat. Mr Mattic)
Until Heaven Stops the Rain (instrumental)
Until Heaven Stops the Rain (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Walk the line... [etc.] Mr Gib remix
Walk the Line (Phonovisions Symphonic version)
Walk the Line (version instrumentale)
Wax Tailor Remixes
way we lived (3 min 41 s)
Way We Lived (feat. Sharon Jones) (Benji remix), The
Way We Lived (feat. Sharon Jones) (instrumental version), The
Way We Lived (featuring Sharon Jones), The
We be (5 min 08 s)
We Be / There Is Danger
Where My Heart's At (A Cappella)
Where My Heart's At (feat. Mr Mattic)
Where My Heart's At (no vocal mix)
Where My Heart's At (WT in the Days of Old remix) (feat. The Others)
Where My Heart's At (WT In The Days Of Old Remix Instrumental)
Woman's Voice (Phonovisions Symphonic version), A
Worldwide (instrumental)
Contributed to or performed: 
25 ans de Radio Nova
Alpine Grooves: Kristallhütte
B-Boy on Wax
Back on Wax
Back on Wax [Ollie Teeba Remix]
Bano Del Sol De Ibiza 2007, Un
Behind the Disguise (Closing)
Bleed Away
Buckwild [Soul Square Remix]
Café Archy: Lounge Collection 5
Chase [Fatbabs Remix], The
Chase, The
City Lounge 2
City Lounge 4
City Lounge 5
City Lounge 6
City Lounge 7
CMJ 2008: The Bands, The Music, The City, Vol. 2
Comptoir monte le son
Down in Flames
Dragon Chasers
Dry Your Eyes
Dusty Rainbow
Easy Going Lane Cove Tunnel
Et si on arrêtait d'écouter de la soupe ? Volume 2 : 2006
Eye Drink
For the Worst
For The Worst [Madwreck Remix]
French Touch, Volume 01: Electronic Music Made in France
Games You Play (Daedelus remix), The
Games You Play (Wax Tailor remix), The
Go Without Me
Gourmet Scavenger
Heart Stop
Heart Stop (radio edit)
History of Dance 8: The Lounge Edition
Hotel Emiliano 5
Hypnosis Theme
Ibiza Fever 2007
Indispensables - Electrónica Hecha en Francia 07/08, Les
International Fashion Show
Jazzadelic 06.2: High Fidelic Jazz Vibes
Jazzy Lounge, Volume 2
Klapisch Musiques
Leave It
Leave It (Blend a.k.a. Mishkin remix)
Leave It (extended version)
Level the Sound
Lost the Way
Lounge Anthology
Lounge Anthology: Relaxing Music
Lounge Anthology: The Cool Session
Lounge Box: The Ultimate Chill Out Collection, The
Lounge Classic, Volume 2
Lounge Music: The Must Have Selection - Paris Vol.2
Lullabies for Insomniacs
Magic Numbers
Mole 75: 10 Years of Mole Listening Pearls
My Burn
My Burn [Kognitif Remix]
My Window
No Regret
Nouvelle Chanson française, La
Nouvelle Chanson française, Volume 2, La
Nova Tunes 1.1_2.0
Nova Tunes 1.2
Nova Tunes 1.7
Nova Tunes 2.1
NovaTunes2.1_3.0 (2.2)
Nu Jazz Anthology
Nu Jazz Essentials
Oliver Peoples 7
Only Once
Our Dance
Our Dance (Etienne Audureau remix)
Our Dance (Madwreck remix)
Our Dance (remix)
Our Dance (video-radio edit)
Our Dance (Wax Tailor remix)
Own You, I
Paris Lounge
Platypus Funk
Positively Inclined
Positively Inclined (Berry Weight remix)
Positively Inclined (Novel Yom remix)
rencontre, Une
Road Is Ruff [Benji Blow Remix], The
Road Is Ruff, The
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume 11
Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café, Volume XIV: The Must-Have Playlist from Paris
Say Yes
Science Fiction Jazz, Volume 12
Seize the Day
Seuls two
SO Music
Sound, The
Supperclub: Seduction
Sweet Harmony Compilation 30
There Is Danger (Rythmes & Cuts remix)
This Train
This Train (Juste Mike of Dafunkis remix)
This Train (radio edit)
Time to Go
Time to Go (radio edit)
To Dry Up (General Elektriks remix)
Trip Hop Anthology
Trip Hop Music
Trip-Hop Anthology
Trip-Hop Classics 1993–2009
Trip-Hop: The Best Of
Until Heaven Stops the Rain
Very Important Party
Vintage Lounge
Walk the Line
Walk the Line (Mr Gib remix)
Walk the Line (Pavillon remix)
Walk the Line (version Instrumentals)
Way We Lived (Benji remix), The
Way We Lived (instrumental version), The
Way We Lived, The
We Be
We Be (DJ Vadim remix)
We Be (Fred Yaddaden remix)
We Have Lost the Way
We Have Lost This Way
Where My Heart's At
Worldwide [The Du-Rites Remix]