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Anok Pe
Bunting, David Michael
’Chi Med Sangs Rgyas
Christ 777
Christ 93
Coptic Cat
David Michael
David Michael Bunting
David Tibet
Michael, David
Tibet, David
Дэвид Тибет
born 1960-03-05
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
23 Skidoo (isMemberOf)
Andrew, W.K. (co-performer)
Aswynn, Freya (co-performer)
Balance, John (co-performer)
Ball, Dave (co-performer)
Ball, Gini (co-performer)
Best, Matthew (co-performer)
Black Ships (isMemberOf)
Blackshaw, James (co-performer)
Brown, Ossian (co-performer)
Campagna, Michael (co-performer)
Cashmore, Michael (co-performer)
Catlin, Fritz (co-performer)
Chasny, Ben (co-performer)
Chatterley, Andy (co-performer)
Christopherson, Peter (co-performer)
Current 93 (isMemberOf)
Daddy, Action (co-performer)
Death in June (isMemberOf)
Dogs Blood Order (isMemberOf)
Elliott, Maja (co-performer)
Erb, Philipp (co-performer)
Fergusson, Alex (co-performer)
Fothergill, John (co-performer)
Giannelli, Fred (co-performer)
Gosling, John (co-performer)
Heslop, Tom (co-performer)
Hilmarsson, Hilmar Örn (co-performer)
Hyde, Danny (co-performer)
Hypnopazūzu (isMemberOf)
Ignorant, Steve (co-performer)
Kenny, David (co-performer)
Leagas, Patrick (co-performer)
Liles, Andrew (co-performer)
Longden, Hugo (co-performer)
Maher, Sean (co-performer)
Malindaine-Lafayette, James (co-performer)
Mannox-Wood, Sam (co-performer)
Mannox, James (co-performer)
Martin, Dave (co-performer)
McDowall, Drew (co-performer)
McDowall, Rose (co-performer)
Mills, Sam (co-performer)
Mono, Niki (co-performer)
Murphy, John (co-performer)
Myrninerest (isMemberOf)
Nodding God (isMemberOf)
Norris, Richard (co-performer)
Nurse With Wound (isMemberOf)
P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer (co-performer)
P, Douglas (co-performer)
Pathak, Heman (co-performer)
Potter, Colin (co-performer)
Psychic TV (isMemberOf)
Rice, Boyd (co-performer)
Saloman, Nick (co-performer)
Schiessl, Richard (co-performer)
Stapleton, Steven (co-performer)
The Aryan Aquarians (isMemberOf)
The Nodding Folk (isMemberOf)
Thomas, Ken (co-performer)
Thrasher, Larry (co-performer)
Turnbull, Alex (co-performer)
Turnbull, Johnny (co-performer)
Valls, Jordi (co-performer)
Wakeford, Tony (co-performer)
Waldron, M.S. (co-performer)
Wood, Joolie (co-performer)
Youth (co-performer)
1 Hypnagogue 1
2 Hypnagogue 2
26 April 2007
3 Hypnagogue 3
4 Hypnagogue 4
5 Hypnagogue 5
6 Hypnagogue 6
7 Hypnagogue 7
8 Hypnagogue 8
9 Hypnagogue 9
Absence of the Mirror Emperor), (The
Aiwass the Wooden Hall
Aleph Is the Butterfly Net
All the World Makes Great Blood
And Onto PickNickMagick
Anti-Christ and Barcodes
Antimony Moon Fangs
Anyway, People Die
As Real as Rainbows
Awake (Mirror) Emperor
Baalstorm! Baalstorm!
“Babylon” or “Snap”
Before the Mirror Emperor
Bloodbells Chime, The
Broken Birds Fly
Calcination Totem Station
Calling for Vanished Faces I
Calling for Vanished Faces II
CatNip Pastures
Chewing on Shadows
Christmas With the Channellers
Cloud of Unknowing, The
Coming of the Mirror Emperor, The
Confirm the Mirror Emperor
Could Not Shift the Shadow, I
Crow at Play, The
Crow Hotel
Dance Narcoleptic, I
Darkly Splendid World, The
Dead Queen of Cleves, The
Death of the Corn, The
December 1971
Dormition and Dominion
Dreamt I Was Æon, I
Enters the Mirror Emperor
Fall Apart
Flat Æons Chorus
Frolic, The
Geometric Magus Breath
Gothic Love Song, A
Great, Bloody and Bruised Veil of the World, The
Heart Full of Eyes, The
Heart of the Mirror Emperor, The
Hitler as Kalki
Hypnagogue II
Imp Trip of the Mirror Emperor, The
In Your Mouth Is Rome
Incidentally, Shaitan
Inerrant Infallible (Black Ships at Nineveh and Edom)
Inmost Light Itself, The
Inmost Night, The
Into the Bloody Hole I Go
Into the Menstrual Night I Go
Invisible Church, The
Invocation of Almost
It Is Time, Only Time
Judas as Black Moth
Kings and Things
Larkspur and Lazarus
Long Shadow Falls, The
Looked to the South Side of the Door, I
Magick in the Haunted Air?
Magog at the MayPole
Meanwhile the Helicopter
Mirror Emperor Is Absent), (The
Moonlight, or Other Dreams, or Other Fields
Moonlight, You Will Say
Mourned Winter Then
Natron Skipping Rope
Night! Death! Storm! Omega!
Night Shout, Bird Tongue
Not Because the Fox Barks
Nudes Lift Shields for War, The
Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom, The
On Docetic Mountain
Passenger Aleph in Name
Pinocchio’s HandJob
Red Me
Remember the Berlin Boys, I
Salamander Candy
Sex of Stars, The
She Took Us to the Places Where the Sun Sets
Signs in the Stars, The
Silence as Christine
Sleep Has His House
So: This Empire Is Nothing
Soft Black Stars
Song for Douglas (After He's Dead), A
Spring Sand Dreamt Larks
Starres Are Marching Home, The
Steven and I in the Field of Stars
Suddenly the Living Are Dying
Sweet Sodom SingSongs
Tale of the Descent of Long Satan and Babylon, The
Tanks of Flies
Teeth of the Mirror Emperor, The
Teeth of the Winds of the Sea, The
This Carnival Is Dead and Gone
This Shining Shining World
Those Flowers Grew
To Meet the Mirror Emperor
Trapezoid Haunting
Twilight Twilight Nihil Nihil
Voice From Catland, A
Waiting for the Jays
Where the Long Shadows Fall
Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still
Why Did the Fox Bark?
With Flowers in the Garden of Fires
With the Dromedaries
World War Ninety-Three
Xanthosis Sabbat Clock
Your Eyes in the Skittle Hills
Contributed to or performed: 
As the Night Died
Black Skull Music Mixtape, Vol. I
BubbleHead = DreamBreath
Calling for Vanished Faces
Conspiracy Born
Dead Memory
Dead Side of the Moon, Part 1 (alternative), The
Dead Side of the Moon, Part 1 (draught), The
Dead Side of the Moon, Part 2 (alternative), The
Dead Side of the Moon, Part 3 (extended draught), The
Dead Side of the Moon, The
End of the World, The
Fire of the Mind, The
Fire of the Moon, The
Frail Albatross
Grave and Beautiful Name of Sadness, The
Left Her for a Cartoon Octopus, I
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Musical Pumpkin Cottage
Musicalische Kürbs Hütte
Post Romantic Empire, The
Quiet Crosses
Sadness of Things, The
Sing Omega
Staines Morris
Swinging Reflective, The
Swinging Reflective: Favourite Moments of Mutual Ecstasy, The
Threat of Memory, The
Threats of Memories, The
Till April Is Dead: A Garland of May
Way I Feel, The