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Emmanuel Holterbach
Holterbach, Emmanuel
Holterbach, Manu
Manu Holterbach
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
23 panoramas de fréquences
Aare Am Marzilibad
Air-Conditioner in the Underground Parking Lot of the Part-Dieu, in Lyon
Basin of 'La Grande Prairie' On the Rhône Docks, in Lyon
Black Birds at Dusk, Above the Tank of the "Jardin des Plantes", Saint-Etienne
Black Swifts, Cat and Ventilation System on an Industrial Site in the 7th District of Lyon
champ près de Bas-Barbieux dans les Monts du Lyonnais, Un
Dialogue Between the Ventilator of a Restaurant, Rue Du Garret in Lyon, and Four Different Electrical Transformators of Lyons and Its Suburbs
Electromagnetic Study of the Tower of the "Cité du Design", in Saint-Etienne
Etang des Blancs dans la Dombes
Etang près de Saint-Pargoire, Un
Etangs des Gouilles dans la Dombes
Flashing on and Off Neon Light of a Pharmarcy and Electricity Supply Lines, Rive-de-Gier
Flying Bats, Just Above the Clapier Railway Station, Saint-Etienne
Frogs at the Parc de la dête d'or and Along the Rhône Docks, in Lyon
Highway at Lorette, The
Hunting Screech Owl Flying Over Vernaison Island, A
Lyon Ring Road in 8th Disctrict, Laurent Bonnevay Neighbourhood
Mole-Crickets Chorus in the Fields Close to Bas-Barbieux
Night Creatures and Fortuitous Wind-Harp, at the Edge of the Laval Dam
Nocturnal Chorus of Yellow Belly Toads, on the Shore of a Brook, Nearby Bas-Barbieux.
Patterns in a Moonshine Soundscape (Over Flight by Airplanes)
rizière aux abords de Guiyang en Chine, Une
Sur les hauts de Vieux Habitants en Guadeloupe
Underwater Insects in the Fishing Pond of Saint-Romain-En-Gier
Unidentified Resonance in a Pipe, in the Fields Between Charly and Millery
Vibration and Sympathetic Resonances of the Morand Bridge in Lyon
Vibrations in the Poles, of the Electricity Supply Lines of the Tramway on Place d'Armes in Saint-Etienne
Vibrations of the Boiler Room at the School of Design of Saint-Etienne, and Distant Children Games of the Chaléassière Neighbourhood, Saint-Etienne
Wild Animal at the "Parc de la tête d'or", Lyon
Wind-Harp of a Building, Rue Paillard in Saint-Etienne
Wind in a Nest, Nightjars and Roe Deers at Mont Monnet
Contributed to or performed: 
Arrel (One)
Arrel (Three)
Arrel (Two)
arrels de la mare serp, Les
Atlantic Waves 2007 Festival Sampler
Au rivage des voix mortes
Do-Undo (In G Maze)
Julie's Ecstatic Spring Phenomena
Pic-Nic by the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer (After Jens Brand) / Lady Viola Dreaming in a Humming Cloud of Electro-Static
Verres enharmoniques : Un