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Glover, Martin
Martin Glover (britisk musikkprodusent og musikar)
Martin Glover (britisk musikkprodusent og musiker)
Martin Glover (britisk musikproducer og musiker)
Martin Glover (Brits muzikant)
Martin Glover (brittisk musikproducent och musiker)
Martin Glover (brytyjski producent muzyczny, basista grupy Killing Joke)
Martin Glover (englischer Musikproduzent)
Martin Glover (musicista e produttore discografico britannico)
Martin Glover (Record producer and founder of Killing Joke)
Youth, Martin Glover
მარტინ გლოვერი
מרטין גלובר
مارتین گلوور (موسیقی‌دان و تهیه‌کننده موسیقی بریتانیایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Glover, Martin (real name)
Related names: 
Adachi, Patti (co-performer)
Albini, Steve (co-performer)
Atkins, Martin (co-performer)
Balch, Michael (co-performer)
Baldursson, Sigtryggur (co-performer)
Barker, Paul (co-performer)
Bellestar, Jenny (co-performer)
Biafra, Jello (co-performer)
Black, Bella (co-performer)
Black, Terry (co-performer)
Bones (co-performer)
Bran, Tim (co-performer)
Brötzmann, Caspar (co-performer)
Byker, Mary (co-performer)
Carey, Danny (co-performer)
Catlin, BobDog (co-performer)
Celtic Cross (isMemberOf)
Chin, Meg Lee (co-performer)
Clayden, Jon S. (co-performer)
Cochrane, Dana (co-performer)
Coleman, Jaz (co-performer)
Connelly, Chris (co-performer)
Conner-Sculls, Lacey (co-performer)
Crittall, Steve (co-performer)
Daley, Marston (co-performer)
Davies, Saul (co-performer)
Denison, Duane (co-performer)
Dillon, Mike (co-performer)
Downe, Taime (co-performer)
Einheit, F.M. (co-performer)
Elias, Hanin (co-performer)
Empty Quarter (isMemberOf)
Esch, En (co-performer)
Ferguson, Gus (co-performer)
Ferguson, Paul (co-performer)
Fields, Jordan (co-performer)
Fireman (Musical group)
Fireman (Musical group) (see also from)
Flanigan, Dirk (co-performer)
Flea (co-performer)
Flores, Bart (co-performer)
Flour (co-performer)
Francis, Black (co-performer)
Fuzz (co-performer)
Gira, Michael (co-performer)
Goettel, Dwayne Rudolph (co-performer)
Gomel, Laura (co-performer)
Gruenbaum, Judd (co-performer)
Harris, Mick (co-performer)
Haskett, Chris (co-performer)
Heal, Marc (co-performer)
Horne, Keith Van (co-performer)
Hubbard, Neil (co-performer)
Hunter, Barbara (co-performer)
Hypnopazūzu (isMemberOf)
Joyce, Sean (co-performer)
Kendricks, David (co-performer)
Key, cEvin (co-performer)
Killing Joke (isMemberOf)
Killing Joke (Musical group) (see also from)
King, Martin (co-performer)
Kiyzs, Algis (co-performer)
Krztoff (co-performer)
Larson, Amy (co-performer)
Lash, Tom (co-performer)
Leon, Arturo de (co-performer)
Levi, Levi (co-performer)
Little, Obioma (co-performer)
Ljung, Kim (co-performer)
Lohner, Danny (co-performer)
Louche, Jared (co-performer)
Lunch, Lydia (co-performer)
Lydon, John (co-performer)
Mackey, Curse (co-performer)
Marcus, Jim (co-performer)
McCarthy, Douglas J. (co-performer)
McCartney, Paul (1942-)
McCartney, Paul (co-performer)
McGuire, Andy (co-performer)
McNinch, Jason (co-performer)
Melchiondo, Michael (co-performer)
Mighty, Beefcake the (co-performer)
Montana, June
Moore, Kurt (co-performer)
More, Jason (co-performer)
Nakatami, Michie (co-performer)
Nicholls, Hope (co-performer)
Ogre (co-performer)
Omega, Vikki (co-performer)
P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer (co-performer)
Paterson, Dr Alex (co-performer)
Pigface (isMemberOf)
Posford, Simon (co-performer)
Pounder, Eric (co-performer)
Randall, Chris (co-performer)
Rankine, Lesley (co-performer)
Raven, Paul (co-performer)
Rea, Bobby (co-performer)
Reade, Laurie (co-performer)
Reynolds, Mary Dee (co-performer)
Reznor, Trent (co-performer)
Rieflin, William (co-performer)
Ruchhoft, Barb (co-performer)
Santiago, Roberto (co-performer)
Schultz, Matthew (co-performer)
Seibold, Steven (co-performer)
Sims, David (co-performer)
Sochaki, Jim (co-performer)
Sprawl, Pat (co-performer)
Spybey, Mark (co-performer)
Sugarcube, Siggy (co-performer)
Svitek, Louis (co-performer)
Taylor, Linda
Teitelbaum, James (co-performer)
The Fireman (isMemberOf)
Thirlwell, J.G. (co-performer)
Tibet, David (co-performer)
Tong, Simon (co-performer)
Trans-Global Underground
Transmission (isMemberOf)
Trumfio, Dave (co-performer)
Trump, Joe (co-performer)
Tucker, William (co-performer)
Udhin, Reza (co-performer)
Vrenna, Chris (co-performer)
Walk, Mark (co-performer)
Walker, Geordie (co-performer)
Walters, Michelle (co-performer)
Ward, Jeff (co-performer)
Watanabe, Scott (co-performer)
Watkins, Ben (co-performer)
Weiss, Andrew (co-performer)
Welz, Astrid (co-performer)
Wills, John (co-performer)
Wreck, Becky (co-performer)
Wright, David (co-performer)
X, Duncan (co-performer)
Yamano, Atsuko (co-performer)
Yamano, Naoko (co-performer)
Yoffe, Adam (co-performer)
Yow, David (co-performer)
Zaki (co-performer)
Zion Train
Ambient Meditations 3
Amethyst (dub mix)
Andes to the Amazon
Another Cult Goes Down
Auras Are Escaping Into the Forest, The
Between Worlds (Introduction)
Black Graham
Bold Knife Trophy
Butterfly Trilogy: I. Technicolour Sun - II. Starship Wadada - III. Sine Wave
Can't Let You Go, I
Christmas With the Channellers
Clear Like Ice
Cobalt Waterfall (Opalescent Dawn mix)
Concrete Tourist (Chalice dub mix)
Crow at Play, The
Deep South
Dreamlab (Telescopic dub mix)
Electric arguments
Enc. of Popular Music, MacMillan, 1998, The
Es Vedra
Freaks of Nature (Natural dub mix)
Half Moon
Hiding in Plain View
Hymns to the Sun
Incidentally, Shaitan
Ketama Live - Youth
Ketcher (Sahasrara Landscape mix)
Laughing Buddha
Liquid Room (Vedic Fire mix)
Little Brother
Liverpool sound collage
Love Is Only a Game
Magnetica (The Love That Moves the Sun and Stars mix)
Magog at the MayPole
Metallic Spheres
New Chapter in Dub, Volume 2: The Secret Language of Ordinary Objects, A
Night Flight
Night Shout, Bird Tongue
Only Your Love
Orpheus (Urban Primitive dub mix)
Outta Sight
Pinocchio’s HandJob
Pop life
Preacher Man
Real Gone Dub Made in Manifest in the Vortex of the Eternal Now
Return of the Native (Duir the Oak dub)
Rosa (Live While You Live) (Messianic dub mix), La
Sex of Stars, The
Shamanka (outro)
Spectral Beach (Mercury in My Veins mix)
Sweet Sodom SingSongs
Tiger Moon (Vatos Locos remix)
Tripping on Your Love
Wasp (Blood Solution)
Way of Being Free (Are You Sitting Comfortably Very Smooth, Very Peaceful mix), A
What Colour R the Skies Where U Live?
Your Eyes in the Skittle Hills
Contributed to or performed: 
2063: A Dub Odyssey
All Is Not Lost, All Is Dub (The Remixes)
Andes to the Amazon
Appletree in My Backyard (Abakus remix)
Basket Case
Cartel Remixes, The
Chill on Air
Conspiracy Born
Discordant Dawn (Kuba remix)
Empty Quarter, The
Erasmus Dub (Kukan Dub Lagan remix)
Essence of a Thousand Kisses
Fool Ascends (Tor.Ma in dub remix), The
Gizzy Headed Buzzards
Global Explorer
Gnarley Sattelite
Incompressible Megalasaurians
Liverpool Sound Collage
Mother Tongue (Total Eclipse remix)
Out of Sight
Out of Sight (AUCAN remix)
Out of Sight (Killaflaw instrumental remix)
Out of Sight (Killaflaw remix)
Out of Sight (radio version)
Out of Sight (remixes)
Out of Sight (Riva Starr Raw cut)
Out of Sight (Riva Starr Raw dub)
Out of Sight (Valentino Khan remix)
Outer Space
Pablo's Lament (Youth dub mix)
Photogenic Dub
Remixes and Demos ('95 - '05)
Return to the Source: The Chakra Journey
Sacred Reunion in Freefall (Tief's Fictitious mix)
Sacred Sites
Sadrayama (Saafi Brothers remix)
Sahara Orchid Dub
Sing Omega
Spiritual Being
Stars Dub
Tandava, Volume 2
Three Go Down to Brighton
Trip to the Andes
Truth Lies Therein (Eat Static remix), The
Warp Experience, The
Wet Work
Youth in Dub: Orchestra Mystique