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Ulrich Witt
Ulrich Witt (Professor of Economics)
Witt, U.
Witt, Ulrich
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Language material
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Binder, Martin
Binder, Martin (1978-)
Brenner, Thomas
Broekel, Tom
Buenstorf, Guido
Dollimore, Denise E.
Dopfer, Kurt
Dudley, L.
Dudley, Leonard
Gowdy, John M.
Griffith University Business School Affiliation (see also from)
Gross, Christian
Hossfeld, Uwe
Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre und Statistik
Levit, Georgy
Levit, Georgy S.
Mannheim, Univ
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft / Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik
Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik Abteilung Evolutionsökonomik Affiliation (see also from)
Perske, Joachim (1943-)
Scazzieri, Roberto
Schubert, C.
Schubert, Christian
Schubert, Christian (1971-)
Streit, Manfred E.
Sun, Guang-Zhen
Universität Mannheim Affiliation (see also from)
Wilson, David Sloan
Witt, U.
Woersdorfer, Julia Sophie
Zellner, C.
Zellner, Christian
Zellner, Christian (1976-)
Approaches to production theory
Arms and the Man: World War I and the Rise of the Welfare State
As innovations drive economic growth, do they also raise well-being?
Bekehrung, Bildung und Biographie Frauen im Umkreis des Halleschen Pietismus
Between appeasement and belligerent moralism the evolution of moral conduct in international politics
Can Darwinism be "generalized" and of what use would this be?
Changing cognitive frames - changing organizational forms an entrepreneurial theory of organizational development
Competition as an ambiguous discovery procedure: a reappraisal of Hayek's Epistemic Market Liberalism
Conceptions vs. Routines - On the Development of Firms and the Evolution of Markets
Constitutional interests in the face of innovations: how much do we need to know about risk preferences?
Disentangling motivational and experiential aspects of "utility" - a neuroeconomics perspective
Do Entrepreneurs Need Firms? A Contribution to a Missing Chapter in Austrian Economics.
Dynamics of Consumer Behavior and the Transition to Sustainable Consumption Patterns, The
Economic Behavior - Evolutionary vs. Behavioral Perspectives
Economic Cosmology and the Evolutionary Challenge
Economic policy making in evolutionary perspective
Economics and Darwinism
Economics, sociobiology and behavioral psychology on preferences
Emergence and functionality of organizational routines: an individualistic approach
Endogenous Public Choice Theorist., The
Energy Paradox of Sectoral Change and the Future Prospects of the Service Economy, The
Escaping satiation : the demand side of economic growth
Evolution and Stability of Cooperation without Enforceable Contracts.
Evolution in markets and institutions
Evolutionary concepts in economics and biology
Evolutionary Economics and Psychology
Evolutionary Perspective on Economic Policy Making - Does it Make a Difference?, The
Evolutionary Perspective on Organizational Change and the Theory of the Firm, The
evolving economy. -, The
Experimental programming in research on economic behaviour presented to the Symposium "Der Computer als Werkzeug Sozial- u. Wirtschaftswiss. Forschung", Linz/Austria, Nov. 1981
Extending the informational basis of welfare economics: the case of preference dynamics
Firms as realizations of entrepreneurial visions
Firms' market behavior under imperfect information and economic natural selection
From sensory to positivist utilitarianism and back the rehabilitation of naturalistic conjectures in the theory of demand
Generic features of evolution and its continuity a transdisciplinary perspective
Genes, cultures, and utility
Hayekian Puzzle: Spontaneous Order and the Business Cycle., The
Heuristic Twists and Ontological Creeds - Road Map for Evolutionary Economics
How can complex economic behavior be investigated? The example of the ignorant monopolist revisited ; paper presented to Econometr. Society Europ. Meeting Madrid, 1984
How Evolutionary is Schumpeter's Theory of Economic Development?
How firm organizations adapt to secure a sustained knowledge transfer
How Problems of Organisational Growth in Firms Affect Industry Entry and Exit
How transactions rights are shaped to channel innovativeness (entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, and transactions rights)
Imagination and leadership - The neglected dimension of an evolutionary theory of the firm
Individualistische Grundlagen der evolutorischen Ökonomik
Innovations, Externalities and the Problem of Economic Progress.
International co-movements of business cycles in a "phase locking" model
Knowledge and its Economic Characteristics - A Conceptual Clarification
Knowledge based entrepreneurship the organizational side of technology commercialization
Learning to consume a theory of wants and the growth of demand
"Lock-in" vs. "critical masses" - industrial change under network externalities
Market opportunity and organizational grind the two sides of entrepreneurship
Markteingriffe - eine prozessorientierte Betrachtung
Marktprozesse : neoklassische versus evolutorische Theorie der Preis- und Mengendynamik
Marktwirtschaft und Rechtsordnung : Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Erich Hoppmann
Melioration learning in games with constant and frequency-dependent pay-offs
Myopic activity variations and aggregate output dynamics a note on the behavioral foundations of the business cycle
Myopic Behavior and Cycles in Aggregate Output - A Note on the Role of Correlated Quantity Adjustments
"nature of the firm - functionalist vs. developmental interpretations
Network-Induced Oscillatory Behavior in Material Flow Networks and Business Cycles
Novelty and the bounds of unknowledge in economics
Observational learning, group selection, and societal evolution
Ökonomisches Verhalten und biologische Evolution einige Bemerkungen zur Soziobiologie-Debatte
On games with frequency dependent payoffs
On novelty and heterogeneity
On some new perspectives in Austrian and subjectivist economics
On the emergence and enforcement of property rights
On the proper interpretation of 'evolution' in economics and its implications for production theory
Output Dynamics, Flow Equilibria and Structural Change – A Prolegomenon to Evolutionary Macroeconomics
Parting with "Blue Monday" – Preferences in Home Production and Consumer Responses to Innovations
Phylogenetic footprints in organizational behavior
political economy of mass media societies
'Production' in nature and production in the economy--second thoughts about some basic economic concepts
Proper Interpretation of 'Evolution' in Economics and the Example of Production Theory, The
Propositions about novelty
Reasoning About Novelty
Self-organization and economics--what is new?
SMS, a program package for simulation and gaming of stochastic market processes and learning behavior. -
Social Cognitive Learning and Group Selection - A Hayekian Model of Societal Evolution
special issue: Economic Growth - What Happens on the Demand Side? Introduction
special issue: Learning to consume - A theory of wants and the growth of demand
Sustainability and the Problem of Consumption
Symbolic consumption and the social construction of product characteristics
What about search market dis-equlibrium? (The contact matrix and the micro-dynamics of individual interactions in the search market)
What is specific about evolutionary economics?
Yesterday’s Games: Contingency Learning and the Growth of Public Spending, 1890-1938
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Zugl.: Mannheim, Univ., Habil.-Schr., 1985