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Chorche IV d'o Reino Unito
Đuro IV
Džordž IV
Džordžs IV (Lielbritānijas monarhs)
Galles, George Augustus Frederick (prince de)
Georg 4. af Storbritannien
Georg August Friedrich (IV.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georg August Friedrich (IV.; Hannover, König)
Georg August Friedrich king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and king of Hanover
Georg (Hannover, König)
Georg IV av Storbritannia
Georg IV av Storbritannien
Georg (IV.; England, König)
Georg (IV.; Grossbritannien, König)
Georg IV (König von Großbritannien, Irland und Hannover (1820–1830))
Georg (IV; kung av Storbritannien)
Georg (Wales, Prinz)
George 4ma di Unionita Rejio
George (4sei; Igirisu Kokuo)
George (4セイ; イギリス コクオウ)
George (4世; イギリス国王)
George al IV-lea al Regatului Unit
George Augustus Frederick
George Augustus Frederick king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and king of Hanove
George Augustus Frederick (prince de Galles)
George i V, King of Great Britain
George (IV.)
George IV của Anh
George IV dari Britania Raya
George IV dari United Kingdom
George IV du Rouoyaume Unni
George IV du Royaume-Uni
George (IV.; England, König)
George (IV; engleski kralj)
George (IV.; Great Britain and Ireland, King)
George (IV.; Great Britain, King)
George (IV; King of Great Britain)
George IV, King of Great Britain (British king, 1762-1830)
George (IV; koning van Engeland)
George IV, kralj Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva
George IV ng Nagkakaisang Kaharian
George IV o the Unitit Kinrick
George IV od Velike Britanije
George IV of the United Kingdom
George IV of the United Kingdom (British monarch)
George (IV; re di Gran Bretagna)
George (IV; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
George (IV; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
George IV van die Verenigde Koninkryk
George IV van het Verenigd Koninkrijk
George (Prince of Wales)
George (roi de Grande-Bretagne)
George (Wales, Prince)
George (король английский; IV)
Georges (IV; roi de Grande-Bretagne)
Georges (roi de Grande-Bretagne)
Georgius IV
Georgo la 4-a
Giorgio IV del Regno Unito
IV. George
IV. György brit király
IV Георг
Jerzy August Fryderyk
Jerzy Hanowerski
Jerzy IV Hanowerski (król Wielkiej Brytanii)
Jerzy (IV; (król Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii ;)
Jiří IV
Jiří (IV.; britský král)
Jordi IV del Regne Unit
Jordi (IV; rei d'Anglaterra)
Jordi (IV; rei de Gran Bretanya)
Jordi (IV; rei de Hannover)
Jordi (IV; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
Jordi (IV; rei de la Gran Bretanya i d'Irlanda)
Jorge IV del Reino Unido
Jorge IV do Reino Unido
Jorge (IV; rei de la Gran Bretanya)
Juraj IV
Jurgi IV.a Erresuma Batukoa
Jurgis IV
Khiâu-chhṳ Si-sṳ
Seoirse IV na Ríochta Aontaithe
Seòras IV
Siaosi IV
Siôr IV, brenin y Deyrnas Unedig
Xurxo IV do Reino Unido
Yrjö IV
Γεώργιος Δ΄ του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου
Георг IV
Джордж IV
Џорџ IV
ჯორჯ IV
Գեորգ IV
ג'ורג' הרביעי (מלך הממלכה המאוחדת)
جارج چہارم، مملکت متحدہ
جرج چاروم
جرج چهارم پادشاهی متحده
جورج الرابع ملك المملكة المتحدة
جورج الرابع ملك المملكه المتحده
चौथा जॉर्ज, युनायटेड किंग्डम
जार्ज ४
พระเจ้าจอร์จที่ 4 แห่งสหราชอาณาจักร
조지 4세
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Cartographic material
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Manuscript language material
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Aspinall, A.
Aspinall, A. (1901-)
Aspinall, Arthur
Aspinall, Arthur (1901-)
Aspinall, Arthur (co-author)
Bondard (co-author)
charlotte queen consort of george iii
Gran Bretanya Monarca (1820-1830 : Jordi IV) (see also from)
Grande-Bretagne Monarque (1820-1830 : George IV) (see also from)
Grande-Bretagne. Monarque (1760-1820 : George III)
Great Britain Sovereign (1820-1830 : George IV) (see also from)
Heideloff, Nicolaus (graveur; co-author)
Karoline (Grossbritannien, Königin, 1768-1821; 1768-1821; Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Logue, Lionel (1880-; Bekanntschaft; see also from)
Müller, Iwan (co-author)
Phillips, Charles (1787?-1859)
Pitt, William (1759-1806)
Russell, John Russell Earl, 1792-1878
Smith E. A (1924- Ernest Anthony)
Speer, Joseph Smith (capitaine; co-author)
Tomkins, Peltro William (co-author)
University of Oxford
Walsh, John Edward (1816-1869)
Webster, Charles Kingsley (1886-1961)
Webster, Charles Kingsley (co-author)
Windsor Castle (see also from)
York, Frederick de Hannover (duc de)
account of the visit of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent and Their Imperial and Royal Majesties the Emperor of Russia and the King of Prussia to the University of Oxford in June MDCCXIV., An
ALS from George IV, then Prince of Wales, Carlton House, to William Robert Fitzgerald, Duke of Leinster
Aufforderung zur Feier des dritten Jubelfestes der Kir*. -
Biographical and historical works relating to George IV
Brief van Caroline (1768-1821) aan George IV (1762-1830)
Carta de S.A.R. el Príncipe regente del Reyno Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda a su augusto hermano S.A.R. el Duque de York, remitida a sus compatriotas por el Duque del Infantado
Ceremonial of the coronation of ... King George the Fourth in the abbey of St. Peter, West-minster : including the names of the archbishops, bishops, peers, knights, and principal officers who assisted in that ... ceremony.
claims of her majesty Caroline Amerlia Elizabeth, Queen of England, to be crowned with her royal husband King George IV, The : Her Majesty's Memorial to the King in Council--the ... appeals of her Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor-General [i.e. Henry Brougham and Thomas Denman] to the Privy Council, embracing a legal and historical review of the coronation of Queens-Consort of England ... also, the speeches of his Majesty's Attorney and Solicitor General [i.e. Sir Robert Gifford and Sir John S. Copley, aft. Lord Lyndhurst], in reply, etc.
Commercial pamphlets.
Correspondence between His Majesty, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, and Mr. Addington, on the offer of military service made by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
Correspondence of George, prince of Wales, 1770-1812, The
Dublin mail; or, Intercepted correspondence., The : To which is added, a packet of poems. ...
Exemptions from toll : extracted from 10th Geo. 4th, instituted an act for more effectually repairing the road from Dublin to Dunleer
exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the church of England, An
Facts are stubborn things : A letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales ... Dedicated (without permission) to Mrs. Fitzherbert. ...
Gedichte u.s.w. auf Georgs IV. Anwesenheit in Göttingen
general chart of the West Indies with Additions from the latest Navigators, A
George IV, King of Great Britain, writ
Herculaneum manuscripts
Histoire de Charles XII, roi de Suède
II.ii.11.b. Correspondence of "Minnie" Seymour"
II.x.2. Printed books by other authors
IV. Könige von Hannover ... bey ... dessen Ankunft in Göttingen am 30. Okt. 1821 ge*
king's wife George IV and Mrs Fitzherbert, The
[Korespondencja Józefa Marii Hoene-Wrońskiego z okresu pobytu w Anglii (1810-1822) i materiały dotyczące jego sporu z Board of Longitude. T. 2]. - [S.l.], 1820-1822.
letter from the king to his people., A
letter to Mr. Wilberforce, and a petition to the king, A : with a preface
letter to the House of Commons, A : on the subject of the Litany, and the allowance to the queen ...
letter to the Prince of Wales, on a second application to Parliament to discharge debts wantonly contracted since May, 1787, A
Letters between an illustrious personage and a lady of honour at B*******
Letters form his late majesty to the late lord Kenyon on the coronation oath with his Lordship's answers and letters of the Rt. Hon William Pitt to his late majesty with his majesty's answers previous to the dissolution of the ministry in 1801
Letters of king George IV, 1812-1830... edited by A. Aspinall,... vol. I..., The
Letters on the Late War between the United States and Great Britain together with other miscellaneous writings on the same subject
Lettre du prince de Galles [plus tard Georges IV] à milord duc d'Orléans. [Traduit par Bondard. 21 décembre 1789.]
Life in London; or, the day and night scenes of Jerry Hawthorn... and Corinthian Tom, accompanied by Bob Logic, the oxonian, in their rambles and sprees through the metropolis
Louis XVII King of France and Navarre born at Versailles the 27th of March 1785 dedicated to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
Map of the Pyrenees and the adjacent provinces, A
March for the Prince of Wales : Hob. VIII:3
Marsch für den Prinzen von Wales;
memoirs of George the fourth : descriptive of the most interesting scenes of his private and public life and the important events of his memorable reign : with characteristic sketchesoof all the celebrated men...
Methode pour la nouvelle clarinette & clarinette-alto
Nero vindicated ...
new Map of Spain and Portugal, exhibiting the Chains of Mountains with their Passes, the principal & cross roads, with other details requisite for the intelligence of military operations, compiled by Jasper Nantiat ... Scale, geographic or nautic miles, 60[, A
"Non mi ricordo!" &c. ...
order of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent in Council, upon the complaints of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada against the chief justice of the province, the chief justice of the Court of King's Bench for the district of Montreal, the Executive Council (judges in the Court of Appeal) and the puisné justices of the Court of King's Bench for the district of Quebec, and of the Court of King's Bench for the district of Montreal, in the same province, respecting the rules of practice established in those courts, The : with other documents, respecting the decision of His Royal Highness upon the remainder of the complaints of the said Assembly
Papers of the of the Earls of Kildare and Dukes of Leinster
Par le roi. Proclamation, requérant toutes personnes étant en office d'autorité ou du gouvernement au décès du feu roi, de procéder dans l'exécution de leurs emplois respectifs.
Pictorial representation of the procession at the Coronation of ... George IV., on the 19th of July, 1821.
Prince of pleasure and his regency, 1811-20, The
Report in two letters to the Prince Regent
Speech of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, regent, in the name and on behalf of His Majesty, to both Houses of Parliament, on Tuesday, November 8, 1814, The
speeches of Charles Phillips, esq. delivered at the bar, and on various public occasions, in Ireland and England., The
speeches of the celebrated Irish orators Philips, Curran and Grattan
state of things,, The : addressed to His Most Gracious Majesty, George the Fourth, ...
Summon sent to Lionel Dawson, High Sheriff of Queen's County, by R. Hamilton, ordering him to organise a jury of 12 men for the King's court, in the case of Humphry Woods, plaintiff, and John Dunne, defendant; with list of the men called to serve on the jury signed by Lionel Dawson
To his Royal Highness George prince of Wales. This plate, representing the final interwiew of Louis the Sixteenth with his Family... [estampe]
Voyage en Abyssinie, entrepris par ordre du gouvernement britannique, exécuté dans les années 1809 et 1810, et dédié à son Altesse Royale le Prince régent d'Angleterre, par Henry Salt, écuyer ; traduit de l'anglais par P.-F. Henry ; accompagné d'un atlas composé de cartes, plans, inscriptions, portraits et vues diverses, dressés et dessinés par l'auteur. Tome premier [-second]..