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Bāshā, Ḥafīẓ Aḥmad
Hafiz A. Pasha
Ḥafīẓ Aḥmad Bāshā
Pasha, Hafiz
Pasha, Hafiz A.
Pasha, Hafiz Ahmed
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Abu Nasar
Conference on Resource Mobilisation and Expenditure Planning (1995 : Lahore, Pakistan)
Ghaus, Aisha
Institute of Public Policy Affiliation (see also from)
Iqbal, Muhammad Asif
Ismāʻīl, Ẓafar Ḥamīd
Jāmiʻat al-Malik ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz. Markaz Abḥāth al-Ḥajj
Pakistan Society of Development Economists. General Meeting
Sabir, Muhammad (1967-)
Social Policy and Development Centre (Pakistan)
Stanford University
Wāsṭī, Sayyid Ashraf
Brief on annual review of Social Policy and Development Centre for 2000 on, towards poverty reduction
Broad-basing of the GST : the strategy for transition
Cost of living index by city
Education and employment in Pakistan
Elements of good economic governance
Evaluation of social safety nets in Pakistan
evaluation of the federal budges 2014-15, An
Financial development of megacities
Fiscal policy in Pakistan
Gender inequality in developing countries: a case study of Pakistan
Hidden subsidies
Impact of economic adjustment on social development in Pakistan
Integrated social-sector macroeconometric model for Pakistan
Is public sector investment productive?: some evidence from Pakistan
Is the local tax base adequate? : a case study of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation
Is the social action programme in Pakistan (SAP) financially sustainable?
Issues in fiscal decentralisation
Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project Pakistan
Khaṣāʼiṣ al-ʻāmilīn al-Bākistānīyīn al-mutakaffilīn bi-al-infāq ʻalá ḥujjāj Bākistān, 1982:
Local Government resource mobilisation
Macroeconomic developments and poverty
Macroeconomic framework for debt management
Measurement of contribution of different factors to inflation in Pakistan
Municipal finance in small cities
national poverty reduction strategy and the role of donors, A
Provincial governments and the social sectors in Pakistan
Public expenditure reform
Public-private partnerships in the health sector
Resource mobilisation and expenditure planning in the provinces
Revamping the SAP
Sales taxation of services by provincial governments
Seasonal housing markets ; a model of pilgrim housing in Makkah
slowing down of the growth of total factor productivity in Pakistan, The
Specification of integrated social sector revenue and expenditure planning model
State of the economy
Statement to the Commonwealth delegation
Sustainbility of public debt in Pakistan
Tawaqquʻāt al-iqbāl ʻalá al-ḥajj ḥattá ʻām 1420 H : taqrīr mabdaʼī
Unsustainability of the balance of payments
Why has the tax to GDP ratio fallen?
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Stanford University, 1984
Bibliogr. S. 132-134
Diss. 1984--Stanford University, 1984