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Kersten, M.L.
Kersten, Martin
Kersten, Martin Leopold
Martin L. Kersten
Martin L. Kersten (Dutch computer scientist)
Martin L. Kersten (Nederlands informaticus)
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Language material
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Berg, C.A. van den (1963-)
Berg, Carel Arie (1963-)
Boncz, Peter
Boncz, Peter Alexander
Galindo-Legaria, C.
Galindo-Legaria, C.A.
Kwakkel, F.
Kwakkel, Fred
Manegold, S.
Manegold, Stefan
Pellenkoft, Arjan
Pellenkoft, J.
Proefschrift Amsterdam, VU
Schippers, Frans H.
Siebes, A.P.J.M. (1958-)
Siebes, Arnoldus Paulus Johannes Maria (1958-)
Waas, F.
Waas, Florian Michael
Windhouwer, M.A. (1971-)
Windhouwer, Menzo Aart (1971-)
Architectural support for data mining
Complexity of transformation-based optimizers and duplicate-free generation of alternatives
conceptual modeling expert system, A
Cost distributions of search spaces in query optimization
Design and implementation od a DBMS performance assessment tool
Fast, randomized join-order selection : why use transformations?
feature database for multimedia objects, A
functional approach to database semantics, A
Generic database cost models for hierarchical memory systems
Goblin database programming language, The
High performance support for OO traversals in Monet
impact of catalogs and join algorithms on probabilistic query optimization, The
Indexing real-world data using semi-structured documents
Introduction to integrated data bases for hydrological data
Logging and recovery in PRISMA
Memory aware query scheduling in a database cluster
model for a secure programming environment, A
multi-query optimizer for Monet, A
Navigating through a forest of quad trees to spot images in a database
Ō-storage: a self organizing multi-attribute storage technique for very large main memories
On optimal pipeline processing in parallel query execution
Optimizing main-memory join on modern hardware
Performance analysis of a dynamic query processing scheme
Query optimization strategies for browsing sessions
RAM: Array processing over a relational DBMS
relational database environment for software development, A
Scalable storage for a DBMS using transparent distribution
Structuur in relaties tussen gegevens
Taal en teken
time and space efficient implementation of a dynamic index in a main-memory DBS, A
Towards a design theory for database triggers
Towards an object-centered database language
Uniformly-distributed random generation of join orders
user's guide to the software testpilot, A
Using a graph rewriting system for databases
Using design axioms and topology to model database semantics
Using the guardian programming paradigm to support database evolution
Proefschrift Amsterdam, VU