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Slick Rick
born 1965-01-14
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Language material
Musical sound recording
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Walters, Richard (real name)
2 Way Street
A.K.A Ricky D (The Further Adventures Of Slick Rick, The Ruler)
Adults Only
All Alone (No One to Be With)
Art of Storytelling, The
Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum Instrumental)
Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum Mix With Warren G)
Behind Bars (LP Version)
Can't Shake Us (Kenny Dope mix)
Captain Cave Man
Captain Caveman
CEO Outro
Children’s Story (demo)
Children’s Story (edited)
Children's Story [Explicit]
Children’s Story (Knock ’em Out the Box mix)
Children’s Story (live)
Children's Story (remix)
Children Stories
Childrens Story
Creep - TLC
Cuz It’s Wrong
Doug E. Fresh / Sittin' In My Car
Doug E. Fresh / The Show
Feels Like
Frozen (instrumental)
Get a Job
Great Adventures of Slick Rick (Deluxe Edition), The
He Kills
Hey Young World (demo)
Hey Young World / Miami Vice (Crockett’s Theme)
I’m Captive
Impress the Kid
Indian Girl (An Adult Story)
It's a Boy (Large Professor remix instrumental)
It's a Boy (LP radio edit)
J-Love Legends Volume 1
kill niggas - Snippet, I
Kill Niggaz
King (remix)
Kit (What’s the Scoop)
Let’s All Get Down
Let’s Get Crazy
Letter To..., A
Lick the Balls
Love That’s True, Part I, A
Love That’s True, Part II, A
Mistakes of a Woman in Love With Other Men (a cappella)
Mistakes of a Woman in Love With Other Men (instrumental)
Mistakes of a Woman in Love With Other Men (The remix)
Mistakes of a Women in Love With Other Men
Moment I Feared, The
Mona Lisa (demo)
Move On... (skit)
Need Some Bad
Nutty Professor
Own America, Part 1, I
Own America, Part 2, I
Own America (Unreleased Version), I
Pete Rock / World Renoun
Practice Over at Chill Will's Crib (1984)
Ruler's Back (edited version), The
Run This, I
Shouldn’t Have Done It, I
Sittin’ in My Car
Sleazy Gynacologist
Sleazy Gynocologist
Slick Rick - The Ruler
Snakes of the World Today
Sparkle, I
Star Trek
Teacher, Teacher
Teenage Love (demo)
Teenager Love
Thank You
Top Cat
Trapped in Me
Treat Her Like a Prostitute
Trouble (J-Love remix)
Who Rotten ’em
Why, Why, Why
Why You Doin' That
Women Lose Weight (Alchemist remix)
Women Lose Weight (Morcheeba Spare Tyre mix)
World Renown (Pete Rock mix)
Contributed to or performed: 
’90s & My Heart’s Broken
[untitled] (At the Lincoln Project NY 1984)
19 361
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rap & Hip Hop
50 Hip Hop Classics
80s Mix
Adventure to Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space, An
Anthems: Hip-Hop III
AOI: Bionix
Back in tha Day 2
Back to Mine: Everything but the Girl
Badmeaningood, Volume 1: DJ Skitz
Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum mix)
Best of Black ’07
Best of Rap City
Big & Tall
Bravo Hits 59
Bugsy Radio Skit
Bugzy Radio Skit
Chamber Music
Classic Hip Hop
Cluemanati Project, Part 1
CONSTANT pt. 1 & 2
CONSTANT, pt.1, pt.2
Cookbook, The
Cut Killa Show 19361
Cut Killer Show
Da Art of Story Telling, Part 1
Da Art Of Storytellin' (Acappella)
Da Art Of Storytellin' Part 1
Da Art of Storytellin' Part I
Da Art of Storytellin' Part I (radio edit)
Da Dirty 30
Da Underground Sound East Side
Dance Classics, Volume 37 & 38
Danger Mouse Promo: Volume 1
Danger Mouse Promo: Volume 3
Def Jam 25: DJ Bring That Back
Def Jam Classics Volume 1
Def Jam Classics, Volume 1
Def Jam Classics, Volume II
Def Jam Music Group Inc. 10th Year Anniversary
Def Jam Recordings 1985-2001: The History of Hip Hop, Volume 1
Def Jam Recordings 1985–2001: The History of Hip Hop, Volume 1
Def Jam Recordings 25th Anniversary
Def Jam Recordings 25th Anniversary (disc 1)
Def Jam Recordings: 25th Anniversary
Def Jam's Greatest Hits
Def Jam's Rush Hour 2: Soundtrack
Def Jam’s Rush Hour Soundtrack
Def Squad Presents Erick Onasis
Di Da Di (live), La
Di Da Di [Lodi Dodi], La
Di Da Di, La
Discobaar A Moeder: 2de vitesse
DJ Mello & DJ Cinema: Tupac Duets
DJ Yoda’s How to Cut & Paste: ’80s Edition
Doggystyle: The Samples
Don't Come My Way
Double Face II
Dutch II Angel’s Revenge The Mixtape
Ecstatic, The
FabricLive 14: DJ Spinbad
Fix, The
Fome Is Dape
Get Mashed!
Giving Me Life
Go In
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack — Box Set
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Radio
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Radio: Playback FM
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Official Soundtrack
Grandmaster Flash Collection, The
Greatest Knockouts: Beat Box Mix CD, Volume 1, The
Guidance Counselor
Gun Love
Hearts of Gold: The Rap Collection
Hey Young World, Part 2
Hidden Darts
Hip Hop Chillout Classics
Hip Hop Classics, Volume 1
Hip Hop Don't Stop 2
Hip Hop Mix Tape, Volume 1, The
Hip Hop of the ’80s & ’90s
Hip Hop Police
HIP HOP The Golden Era
Hip-Hop Volume 1
History of Hip Hop 4, The
Hitworks Volume One
Hitworks, Volume One
Id, The
If We Give You a Chance
Impress the Kid
Instrumental Collection, Volume 1
Irresistible Delicious
Jail Skit
Just Another Case
King Piece in the Chess Game
Kisstory Presents: Old Skool & Anthems
Latest & Greatest Hip Hop Anthems
Life In 1472
Like (radio edit), I
Like, I
Livin’ Large!
Mai Music III
Mastercuts Hip Hop
Masters of the Sun Vol. 1
Me & Nas Bring It to Your Hardest
Mix Tape, Volume 2: 60 Minutes of Funk, The
Mix Tape, Volume 3: 60 Minutes of Funk: The Final Chapter, The
MTV Presents Def Jam: Let the People Speak
Music Machine!, The
Night Rider (JS‐1 Remix)
Night Riders (remix)
Nothin' Like the Ol' Skool
Nutty Professor: Soundtrack, The
Old School Classics: An Education in Hip Hop
Old School Hip Hop & Freestyle
Old School Hip Hop Greats
Old School Hip Hop Workout
Old School Rap, Volume 2
On the Rap Tip
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt II
Original Album Series
Paid in Full
Party Breaks
Phat Jams in the Mix Vol. 2
Piece Maker, Volume 2, The
Play This Only At Night
Play This Only at Night (Get Fresh radio version)
Play This Only at Night (instrumental)
Play This Only at Night (Nuthin' but the Beat)
Play This Only at Night (radio version)
Play This Only at Night (Truth mix, the Whole Story)
Play This Only at Night (Will's Mood)
Production Credits Volume 2
Promo Only: Urban Radio, January 1999
Promo Only: Urban Radio, May 1999
Promotional Copy
Prophecy EP, Volume 2, The
Przekrój Muzyki: Korzenie Hip-Hopu
Put It on the Line
Q-Tip & Peter Gunz Skit
R.I.P. 3
R&B Classic, Volume 2
Rahzel’s Greatest Knockouts!
Rap Legends: Archives, Volume 1
Rap Traxx 2
Rapmania: The Roots of Rap
Return (remix), The
Rhythm Is Final, The
Russell Simmons Presents The Show: The Soundtrack
Schmuse RAP
Show (Full version), The
Show (live), The
Show Theme, The
Show, The
Sitter, The
Sittin With Some Funk
So Fresh
So Misinformed
Soundtrack to the Streets
Source Presents... Hits From the Vault, Volume 1: The Pioneers, The
Street Talkin'
Street Talkin' (instrumental)
Street Talkin' (radio edit)
Street Talkin’
Summertime 2: The Mixtape
Sun, The
Survival of the Illest, Part 3
This Is How We Do It
Tommy Boy Presents: Hip Hop Essentials, Volume 6 (1979-1991)
Total Def Jam: The Definitive Collection
Trouble on the Westside Hwy
Ultimate Victory
Uncommon Classics, Volume 2
Use Your Confusion
Virgo (Fresh Fest remix) (clean)
Wanna Thank Me, I
Want It All, I
Wax Assassin
We Turn It On
We Will Rob You
We're Unified (Track Masters remix)
What We Do (for Love)
Whiteboys Soundtrack
Who U?
Why Not
Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture
Women Lose Weight
Works, The
World Is Yours, The
Wu-Banga, Volume 6
WWF: The Music, Volume 5
XXX Hip Hop, Volume 2
Yo Rap
Yo! MTV Raps: A Journey Back In Rhyme
You Got It Mixed Up From Behind Bars