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Bhāratīya Āyurvijñāna Anusandhāna Parishada
Council of Medical Research India
Inde, Council of medical research
Indian Council of Medical Research
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India Delhi New Delhi
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Language material
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Indian Research Fund Association (see also from)
Alternative approaches to health care : report of a symposium
Annual report for the period 1st October ... to 30th September ...
Annual report of the Cholera Research Centre, Calcutta-16, for the year ...
Annual report of the director-general
Assessment of burden of non-communicable diseases : a project supported by WHO
Biomedical research other than infectious diseases
Collaborative study on acute viral hepatitis, subacute hepatic failure, and chronic hepatitis an ICMR task force study
Collaborative study on blindness, 1971-1974 report
Collaborative study on sequelae of tubal sterilization.
Development of an atlas of cancer in India : a project of the National Cancer of Registry Programme
Development of an atlas of cancer in India first all India report, 2001-2002
Evaluation of quality of family welfare services at primary health centre level an ICMR task force study : summary report.
First all India report: 2001-2002
First all India report : development of an atlas of cancer in India
Guidance document on humane care and use of laboratory animals.
Health care of the rural aged
Health effects of the toxic gas leak from the Union Carbide Methyl Isocyanate Plant in Bhopal : technical report on population based long term epidemiological studies, 1985-1994
Health for all : an alternative strategy : report of a study group set up jointly by the Indian Council of Social Science Research and the Indian Council of Medical Research.
ICMR technical report series.
ICMR/WHO Workshop on Service and Psychosocial Research in Family Planning : proceedings of the workshop held at Trivandrum during December 20-21, 1982.
Impact assessment of Ganga Action Plan on public health : final report.
Indian childhood cirrhosis (ICC) : a multicentric national collaborative study of ICMR (1983-1987)
Indian Council of Medical Research : permanent institutes.
Indian j. malariol.
Indian j. med. res., Sect. A, Infect. dis.
Indian j. med. res., Sect. B, Biomed. res. other than infect. dis.
indian journal of malariology mar 1950 surrogate
Indian journal of medical research (New Delhi, India : 1994 : Online)
Indian journal of medical research, The
Indian medicinal plants
Indian Society of Human Genetics, V Annual Conference, including International Symposium on Population Structure & Human Variation, at the Institute for Research in Reproduction (ICMR), Parel, Bombay, December 19-23, 1978
"Indicators of mental health" a multi centered ICMR study, phase II, family intervention
Medical research in the second five year plan.
Micronutrient profile of Indian population
Morbidity survey of the C.H.S. beneficiaries in Delhi, 1961
National Conference on Japanese Encephalitis proceedings of the conference held at the Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi, during November 3-4, 1982.
National Conference on Research in HIV & AIDS, April 21-23, 2006 : abstract book.
National Institute of Virology : golden jubilee commemorative compendium 2004 : 50 years
National Research Conference on HIV & AIDS
NIV commemorative compendium 2004
Nutrition and the medical profession a research report
Nutritional disabilities
Peoples of India : some genetical aspects.
Plague, conquest and eradication
Probiotic foods in health and disease
Proceedings : International Conference, Health Policy, Ethics & Human Values, New Delhi, 1986
Proceedings of the Workshop on Socio-Behavioural Aspects of Microbicide Trials for HIV Prevention
Quality standards of Indian medicinal plants
Recent advances and challenges in reproductive health research : proceedings of the conference held on 19th-21st February, 2007
Rep. Cholera Res. Cent., Calcutta-16
Rep. Indian Counc. Med. Res. years
Report for the period 1st October ... to 31st July ...
Report of nutrition work done in states.
Report of the Cholera Research Centre, Calcutta-16, for the period ...
Report of the Indian Council of Medical Research for the years ...
Report of work done in nutrition in states.
Reproductive biology; proceedings.
Research in malaria : an outline.
Research in medical education.
Review of research activities - Tuberculosis Chemotherapy Centre.
Review of research work in India on intra-uterine contraceptive devices; proceedings of a seminar held jointly under the auspices of Indian Council of Medical Research and Central Family Planning Institute, September 11-13, 1968.
Reviews on Indian medicinal plants
Salt consumption pattern in India an ICMR task force study.
Situational analysis of HIV and drug abuse in the North-East region of India a report of a seminar
Situational analysis of the nutritional anemia and vitamin A prophylaxis programmes in urban slums of Baroda a summary of the findings.
Socio-cultural determinants of fertility.
Some common Indian recipes and their nutritive value
Study of processes of community participation in family welfare services a case study of Tribhuvandas Foundation, Anand, A
Symposium on Probiotics for Health: an Indian perspective : CVs & summaries of presentation (as on February 10, 2009)
Technical report series (Indian Council of Medical Research)
Towards the implementation of a national nutrition policy in India : report of a national seminar, Srinagar, 28 to 30 October, 1985
Workshop of Non-Cirrhotic Portal Fibrosis.
Workshop on Socio-Behavioural Aspects of Microbicide Trials for HIV Prevention, New Delhi, December 5-6, 2005