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Université de Régina
University of Regina
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Canada Saskatchewan Regina
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University of Saskatchewan Regina Campus (see also from)
Annual report for the fiscal year ended April 30 ...
Assessment of the feasibility of producing byproducts from animal wastes : products using a photosynthetic bacterial method, interim report
Assessment of the feasibility of producing useful by-products from animal waste products using a photosynthetic bacterial method : final report, 1979-1981
Bacterial activity in boundary dam reservoir : the influence of temperature
Bacteriological data : East Poplar River, Saskatchewan, 1977, final report
biological survey of Twin River Basins in southern Saskatchewan, A : interim report
biological survey of two river basins, A : East Poplar and Wood River in Saskatchewan, 1974-76, final report
Black plug layer research : a compendium of technical and scientific papers, 1987-1991
centre detudes franco canadiennes de louest colloque 3rd 1983 centre detudes bilingues univ de regina la langue la culture et la societe
Climatic variability and its implications for sustainable agriculture
Co-op work-study : employers' handbook.
[Collective agreement between the University of Regina and the University of Regina Faculty Association].
Computer technology for higher education : a design model for a computerizing university
Continuation of biogas generation from animal waste : final report, 1983-1984
Continuation of biogas generation from animal waste lagoons : final report, 1979-1982
Continuation of biogas generation from animal waste lagoons : final report, 1982-1983
control of iron bacteria by chemical means, The : final report
control of iron bacteria by pasteurisation, The : interim report
control of iron bacteria by pasteurization, II, The : Bulyea demonstration project, final report
control of iron bacteria in water. final report, The
decholesterolation of eggs by microbial processes, The
Determination of the physico-chemical factors influencing the aerobic and anaerobic microbial degradation of specific chemicals in ground water
Determination of the physico-chemical factors influencing the microbial degradation of organics in ground water : technical report, April 1985 to November 1986
development of an in-field bioassay system for picloram using algae, The : final report
Distance learning program guide.
electrical pasteurization of two wells at St. Denis, Saskatchewan by the use of electrical immersion heaters, The : final report
Environmental impact study : Eagle Lake
evaluation of the potential methods for harvesting eutrophic lake algae from Pasqua Lake and a study of the potential applications of the product, An : final report
evaluation of the potential to harvest the weeds from the fishing lakes, QuÁppelle Valley, An : final report
feasibility study for the steam pasteurization of well #6 to control iron bacterial problems, A
Final testing for the electrical pasteurization of wells : final report
first decade, The : a history of the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, 1960-1970
Fish farming feasibility study : final report
Genetically engineered biopesticides for control of insect infestations
Geothermal project, phase II A : final technical report on a Renewables-Conservation Demonstration Program Project
Global distribution of iron bacteria, The : a survey of government environment agencies based on the 1974 U.N. listings.
Influence of acidification upon leaching of selected toxic metals into a model groundwater system and its subsequent effects upon the microbiological degradation of specific organic pollutants : final report, 1986
initial study of an outbreak of bacterial discharges in well water at CFB Shilo, An : final report
Insight - Univ. Regina
Insight (University of Regina)
Interim report on studies on freshwater algae
Maintaining food safety by protecting irrigation water from faecal contamination : final report, February 1, 2010
Microbial protein production from the exhaust gases of lignite powered generating stations : final report
Microbiology investigation of the potential for bacterially induced corrosion (pinhole formation) in steel pipes : initial study
Monitoring microbial activity in laboratory anaerobic filters treating septic tank effluent at low temperature
Newsl. - Sask. Inst. Public Policy
Newsletter (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy)
Off-campus degree program
Planning for droughts using the past.
Policy dialogue (Regina, Sask.)
Postgraduate theses, 1964-1974
potential for biofouling in an injection well for spent P.M.U. disposal into a saline aquifer, The : final report, 1986
prediction of algal activity levels in the Poplar River reservoir, A
QuÁppelle River conveyance overview impact statement, 1980 : final report
Rainbow trout farming in the prairies : booklet
report on the potential source of the earthy-musty odors in Regina-Moose Jaw drinking water and its control, 1982, A
Resources : a guide to university research
Resources (Regina)
Sakatchewan Institute of Public Policy (Newsletter)
Sask. Inst. Public Policy
Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy provincial progress report
Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy : SIPP : [newsletter].
Scope of work for a bacteriological study on the water system at Canadian Forces Base, Shilo, Manitoba : final report
SIPP provincial progress report.
SIPP, Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy
Sixth International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, TIME-99 : proceedings, Orlando, Florida, May 1-2, 1999
social gospel in Canada, The : papers of the Interdisciplinary Conference on the Social Gospel in Canada, March 21-24 1973, at the University of Regina
speciation of various microorganisms isolated from a submitted one gallon sample of "Agrispon", The : final report
statistical interpretation of the microbial activity in laboratory septic tank effluent filter reactors at low temperature, A
Strategies for the rapid detection of Giardia lamblia and the development of satisfactory point-of-use systems : final report, 1986
study of the factors affecting the quality of water bodies in forested lands under different cultural practices, 1974, A : final report
study of the feasibility to harvest algae from the QuÁppelle Lakes, A : final report, 1981-1982
study of the microbiology of sloughs receiving human effluent to determine the hygienic safety of such practices, A : final report, 1981-1982
Summary proceedings : Human-Scale Alternatives Conference, Monday and Tuesday, November 21-22, 1977, Regina, Saskatchewan.
survey of teachers' judgments of the effectiveness of introductory art education class in their teaching of art, A
Theology, Third World development, and economic justice
Theory of approximation, with applications : proceedings of a conference conducted by the University of Calgary and the University of Regina, at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, August 11-13, 1975
Undergrad. cal. - Univ. Regina
Undergraduate calendar
university in the nineties, The