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Jorik, .. (Pseudonym)
Joriks (misters)
Laurence Sterne
Laurence Sterne (britischer Schriftsteller)
Laurence Sterne (Brits auteur)
Laurence Sterne (écrivain britannique)
Laurence Sterne (Irish/English writer)
Laurence Sterne (scrittore britannico)
Laurentius Sterne
Lorens Stern
Lorensas Sternas
Lourens Stern
Misters Joriks
Mr. Yorick
St'ērn, Lawrēns
Stern, Laurence
Stern, Lorens
Stern, Lourens
Sterne, ..
Sterne, L.
Sterne (Laurence)
Sterne, Laurence (Irish architect, 1713-1768)
Sterne, Laurent
Sterne, Laurenz
Sterne, Lauwrence
Sterne (Lawrence)
Sterne, Lorenz
Sterne, Lorenzo
Sterne (M.)
Sterne, Wawrzynec
Sterne, Wawrzyniec
Stērns, Lorenss
Stʻērn, Lawrēns
Sŭtʻŏn, Lorensŭ
Sutòn, Lorensu
Yorick, Mr.
Yorick, .. (Pseudonym)
Yorik (Pseudonym)
Λώρενς Στερν (Αγγλοϊρλανδός μυθιστοριογράφος)
Лоренс Стерн
Лорънс Стърн
Лорэнс Стэрн
Лоўрэнс Стэрн
Стерн, Лоренс
Стерн, Лоренс (английский писатель и священник)
Стэрн, Лаврентий
Լորենս Սթեռն
לארענס סטערן
לורנס סטרן
סטרן, לורנס
لورنس استرن
लारेंस स्टर्न
로렌스 스턴
スターン, ローレンス
ローレンス・スターン (18世紀イギリスの小説家、牧師)
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Bode, Johann Joachim Christoph (1731-1793)
Chwalewik, Witold (1900-1985))
Combe, William (1742-1823)
Digeon, Aurélien (co-author)
Frenais, Joseph-Pierre
Jack, Ian (co-author)
Jouvet, Guy (co-author)
Kollmeier, Harold H.
Lindo, M.P. (1819-1877)
Lindo, Mark Prager (1819-1877)
Marías, Javier (1951-)
Mauron, Charles
Mauron, Charles (co-author)
Montandon, Alain (co-author)
New, Melvyn (co-author)
Petrie, Graham
Portela, Manuel
Pusić, Eugen
Ricks, Christopher B. (1933- ))
Ross, Ian Campbell (co-author)
Saintsbury, George
Saintsbury, George Edward Bateman (1845-1933))
Shandy, Tristam (see also from)
Skoumal, Aloys (1904-1988)
Soupel, Serge
Soupel, Serge (co-author)
Sterne, Roger (Beziehung familiaer; see also from)
Tadié, Alexis (co-author)
Turner, Katherine (1966-)
Voltaire, 1694 (1778)
Wailly, Léon de (1804-1863))
Wailly, Léon de (co-author)
Warburton, Thomas (1918-)
Winterbottom, Michael (co-author)
Woolf, Virginia (1882-1941)
Yorick (1713-1768; Pseudonym; see also from)
Yorick (Mr; see also from)
Zyskind, Marcel
פרידמן, שרה פ (1963-)
朱牟田, 夏雄 (1906-1987)
Beauties of sterne
complete works and life of Laurence Sterne., The
concordance to the English prose of John Milton, 1985:, A
Gesammelte Schriften
Journal to Eliza
La vie et les opinions de Tristram Shandy, gentilhomme
La vie et les opinions de Tristram Shandy, gentleman
Le roman politique
Le voyage sentimental à travers la France et l'Italie
Letters from Yorick to Eliza
letters, The
Lettres d'Yorick à Eliza et d'Eliza à Yorick. -
life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, gentleman, The
novels of Lavrence Sterne in four volumes, The
Oeuvres complètes
Original letters of the late Reverend Mr. Laurence Sterne Never Before Published
Podróż sentymentalna przez Francję i Włochy
Political romance
Posthumous works of a late celebrated genius
Sentimental journey through france and italy by mr. yorick
sentimental journey through France and Italy the text and notes, A
sentimental journey through France and Italy with, A
Sentimentalno putovanje po Francuskoj i Italiji
Sentimenteele reis door Frankrijk en Italië
sermones de Mr. Yorick., Los
sermons of Laurence Sterne the texts, The
Sermons of Mr. Yorick
Sherbert, G.H. Menippean satire and the poetics of wit, c1996.
Sterne's letters to his friends on various occasions To which is added, his History of a watch coat, with explanatory notes
Tristam Shandy
Tristram Schandis Leben und Meynungen. -
Tristram Shandy a cock and bull story
Un voyage sentimental à travers la France et l'Italie
Viaggio sentimentale di Yorick lungo la Francia e l'Italia
Vie et opinions de Tristram Shandy, gentilhomme
Voyage sentimental à travers la France et l'Italie
Voyage sentimental en France et en Italie par M. Yorick
Works. Selections.
works... with a life of the author written by himself., The
Yorick's empfindsame Reise durch Frankreich und Italien.
Život a názory blahorodého pana Tristrama Shandyho
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Band I - Kap. I
Band I - Kap. II
Band I - Kap. III
Band I - Kap. IV
Band I - Kap. IX
Band I - Kap. V
Band I - Kap. VI
Band I - Kap. VII
Band I - Kap. VIII
Band I - Kap. X
Band I - Kap. XI
Band I - Kap. XII
Band I - Kap. XIII
Band I - Kap. XIV
Band I - Kap. XIX
Band I - Kap. XV
Band I - Kap. XVI
Band I - Kap. XVII
Band I - Kap. XVIII
Band I - Kap. XX
Band I - Kap. XXI
Band I - Kap. XXII
Band I - Kap. XXIII
Band I - Kap. XXIV
Band I - Kap. XXV
Band I - Titel & Zueignung
Band II - Kap. I
Band II - Kap. II
Band II - Kap. III
Band II - Kap. IV
Band II - Kap. IX
Band II - Kap. V
Band II - Kap. VI
Band II - Kap. VII
Band II - Kap. VIII
Band II - Kap. X
Band II - Kap. XI
Band II - Kap. XII
Band II - Kap. XIII
Band II - Kap. XIV
Band II - Kap. XIX
Band II - Kap. XV
Band II - Kap. XVI
Band II - Kap. XVII Dritter Teil
Band II - Kap. XVII Erster Teil
Band II - Kap. XVII Zweiter Teil
Band II - Kap. XVIII
Band II - Titel & Motto
Band III - Kap. I
Band III - Kap. II
Band III - Kap. III
Band III - Kap. IV
Band III - Kap. IX
Band III - Kap. V
Band III - Kap. VI
Band III - Kap. VII
Band III - Kap. VIII
Band III - Kap. X
Band III - Kap. XI Erster Teil
Band III - Kap. XI Zweiter Teil
Band III - Kap. XII
Band III - Kap. XIII
Band III - Kap. XIV
Band III - Kap. XIX
Band III - Kap. XL
Band III - Kap. XLI
Band III - Kap. XLII
Band III - Kap. XV
Band III - Kap. XVI
Band III - Kap. XVII
Band III - Kap. XVIII
Band III - Kap. XX
Band III - Kap. XXI
Band III - Kap. XXII
Band III - Kap. XXIII
Band III - Kap. XXIV
Band III - Kap. XXIX
Band III - Kap. XXV
Band III - Kap. XXVI
Band III - Kap. XXVII
Band III - Kap. XXVIII
Band III - Kap. XXX
Band III - Kap. XXXI
Band III - Kap. XXXII
Band III - Kap. XXXIV
Band III - Kap. XXXIX
Band III - Kap. XXXV
Band III - Kap. XXXVI
Band III - Kap. XXXVII
Band III - Titel & Motto
Band III - Vorrede
Band IV - KAP: XX
Band IV - Kap. I
Band IV - Kap. II
Band IV - Kap. III
Band IV - Kap. IV
Band IV - Kap. IX
Band IV - Kap. V
Band IV - Kap. VI
Band IV - Kap. VII
Band IV - Kap. VIII
Band IV - Kap. X
Band IV - Kap. XI
Band IV - Kap. XII
Band IV - Kap. XIII
Band IV - Kap. XIV
Band IV - Kap. XIX
Band IV - Kap. XV
Band IV - Kap. XVI
Band IV - Kap. XVII
Band IV - Kap. XVIII
Band IV - Kap. XXI
Band IV - Kap. XXII
Band IV - Kap. XXIX
Band IV - Kap. XXV
Band IV - Kap. XXVI
Band IV - Kap. XXVII
Band IV - Kap. XXVIII
Band IV - Kap. XXX
Band IV - Kap. XXXI
Band IV - Kap. XXXII
Band IV - Slawkenbergii Fabella
Band IV - Slawkenbergius´ Erzählung
Band IV - Titel & Motto
Band IX - Kap. I
Band IX - Kap. II
Band IX - Kap. III
Band IX - Kap. IV
Band IX - Kap. IX
Band IX - Kap. V
Band IX - Kap. VI
Band IX - Kap. VII
Band IX - Kap. VIII
Band IX - Kap. X
Band IX - Kap. XI
Band IX - Kap. XII
Band IX - Kap. XIII
Band IX - Kap. XIV
Band IX - Kap. XIX
Band IX - Kap. XV
Band IX - Kap. XVI
Band IX - Kap. XVII
Band IX - Kap. XVIII
Band IX - Kap. XXI
Band IX - Kap. XXII
Band IX - Kap. XXIII
Band IX - Kap. XXIV
Band IX - Kap. XXIX
Band IX - Kap. XXV
Band IX - Kap. XXVI
Band IX - Kap. XXVII
Band IX - Kap. XXVIII
Band IX - Kap. XXX
Band IX - Kap. XXXI
Band IX - Kap. XXXII
Band IX - Kap. XXXIII
Band IX - Titel, Motto & Zueignung
Band V - Kap. I
Band V - Kap. II
Band V - Kap. III
Band V - Kap. IV
Band V - Kap. IX
Band V - Kap. V
Band V - Kap. VI
Band V - Kap. VII
Band V - Kap. VIII
Band V - Kap. X
Band V - Kap. XI
Band V - Kap. XII
Band V - Kap. XIII
Band V - Kap. XIV
Band V - Kap. XIX
Band V - Kap. XL
Band V - Kap. XLI
Band V - Kap. XLII
Band V - Kap. XLIII
Band V - Kap. XV
Band V - Kap. XVI
Band V - Kap. XVII
Band V - Kap. XVIII
Band V - Kap. XX
Band V - Kap. XXI
Band V - Kap. XXII
Band V - Kap. XXIII
Band V - Kap. XXIV
Band V - Kap. XXIX
Band V - Kap. XXV
Band V - Kap. XXVI
Band V - Kap. XXVII
Band V - Kap. XXVIII
Band V - Kap. XXX
Band V - Kap. XXXI
Band V - Kap. XXXII
Band V - Kap. XXXIII
Band V - Kap. XXXIV
Band V - Kap. XXXIX
Band V - Kap. XXXV
Band V - Kap. XXXVI
Band V - Kap. XXXVII
Band V - Kap. XXXVIII
Band V - Titel & Motto
Band V - Zueignung
Band VI - Kap. I
Band VI - Kap. II
Band VI - Kap. III
Band VI - Kap. IV
Band VI - Kap. IX
Band VI - Kap. V
Band VI - Kap. VI
Band VI - Kap. VII
Band VI - Kap. VIII
Band VI - Kap. X
Band VI - Kap. XI
Band VI - Kap. XII
Band VI - Kap. XIII
Band VI - Kap. XIV
Band VI - Kap. XIX
Band VI - Kap. XL
Band VI - Kap. XV
Band VI - Kap. XVI
Band VI - Kap. XVII
Band VI - Kap. XVIII
Band VI - Kap. XX
Band VI - Kap. XXI
Band VI - Kap. XXII
Band VI - Kap. XXIII
Band VI - Kap. XXIV
Band VI - Kap. XXIX
Band VI - Kap. XXV
Band VI - Kap. XXVI
Band VI - Kap. XXVII
Band VI - Kap. XXVIII
Band VI - Kap. XXX
Band VI - Kap. XXXI
Band VI - Kap. XXXII
Band VI - Kap. XXXIII
Band VI - Kap. XXXIV
Band VI - Kap. XXXIX
Band VI - Kap. XXXV
Band VI - Kap. XXXVI
Band VI - Kap. XXXVII
Band VI - Kap. XXXVIII
Band VI - Titel & Motto
Band VII - Kap. I
Band VII - Kap. II
Band VII - Kap. III
Band VII - Kap. IV
Band VII - Kap. IX
Band VII - Kap. V
Band VII - Kap. VI
Band VII - Kap. VII
Band VII - Kap. VIII
Band VII - Kap. X
Band VII - Kap. XI
Band VII - Kap. XII
Band VII - Kap. XIII
Band VII - Kap. XIV
Band VII - Kap. XIX
Band VII - Kap. XL
Band VII - Kap. XLI
Band VII - Kap. XLII
Band VII - Kap. XLIII
Band VII - Kap. XV
Band VII - Kap. XVI
Band VII - Kap. XVII
Band VII - Kap. XVIII
Band VII - Kap. XX
Band VII - Kap. XXI
Band VII - Kap. XXII
Band VII - Kap. XXIII
Band VII - Kap. XXIV
Band VII - Kap. XXIX
Band VII - Kap. XXV
Band VII - Kap. XXVI
Band VII - Kap. XXVII
Band VII - Kap. XXVIII
Band VII - Kap. XXX
Band VII - Kap. XXXI
Band VII - Kap. XXXII
Band VII - Kap. XXXIII
Band VII - Kap. XXXIV
Band VII - Kap. XXXIX
Band VII - Kap. XXXV
Band VII - Kap. XXXVI
Band VII - Kap. XXXVII
Band VII - Titel & Motto
Band VIII - Kap. I
Band VIII - Kap. II
Band VIII - Kap. III
Band VIII - Kap. IV
Band VIII - Kap. IX
Band VIII - Kap. V
Band VIII - Kap. VI
Band VIII - Kap. VII
Band VIII - Kap. VIII
Band VIII - Kap. X
Band VIII - Kap. XI
Band VIII - Kap. XII
Band VIII - Kap. XIII
Band VIII - Kap. XIV
Band VIII - Kap. XIX
Band VIII - Kap. XV
Band VIII - Kap. XVI
Band VIII - Kap. XVII
Band VIII - Kap. XVIII
Band VIII - Kap. XX
Band VIII - Kap. XXI
Band VIII - Kap. XXII
Band VIII - Kap. XXIII
Band VIII - Kap. XXIV
Band VIII - Kap. XXIX
Band VIII - Kap. XXV
Band VIII - Kap. XXVI
Band VIII - Kap. XXVII
Band VIII - Kap. XXX
Band VIII - Kap. XXXI
Band VIII - Kap. XXXII
Band VIII - Kap. XXXIV
Band VIII - Kap. XXXV
Band VIII - Titel & Motto
Empfindsame Reise zu Tristram Shandy und seinem Schöpfer Laurence Sterne
Gespräch mit Regisseur Karl Bruckmaier
Gespräch mit Übersetzer Michael Walter
Leben und Ansichten von Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
Teil 1
Teil 2
Teil 3
Teil 4
Teil 5
Teil 6
Teil 7
Teil 8
Teil 9