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Feidlimidh ruadh
Féilim Ó Néill
Felim O'Neill de Kinard
Felim O’Neill of Kinard (irischer Rebellenführer)
Felim O'Neill of Kinard (Irish nobleman, a leader of the Irish Rebellion of 1641)
Moneale, Philip (Sir)
O'Maghon, Phelim O'Neill
O Neal, Phelim Roe (Sir)
O'Neale, Phelom (Sir)
O'Neile, Phelim (Sir)
O'Neill, Feidlimidh
O'Neill, Phelim (Sir)
O'Nial, Phelim (Sir)
Omaghon, Oneale
Oneal, Philom (Sir)
Oneale, Phelim (Sir)
Oneale, Philomy (Sir)
Phelim O’Neill
Tyrone, Phelim O'Neill (Earl of)
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Language material
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England and Wales. Court of King's Bench
England and Wales. Parliament
Enniskillen, Connor Maguire Baron of, 1616-1645
Nudigate, M.
Prynne, William (1600-1669)
R. P, Gent
Thorpe, Thomas (1791-1851)
Copy of two letters sent from Rome, 1642:, The
Earle of Corkes victorie, and Tyrones overthrow. Being a warranted relation of the great overthrow which the Earle of Corke gave to the rebels at foure severall times, which makes most of the rebels flye out of cities and townes, and keepe themselves in the woods. Also the driving away of the rebels out of the city of Armagh. With the copy of a letter sent from the Earle of Tyrone to Sir Iohn Burlacie one of the Lord chiefe justices in Ireland. All which newes was brought into London upon Munday the 13. of December by John Hodges one of the Irish posts., The
Message from both houses of Parliament, sent to the King and Queenes Majesties, touching certain letters lately intercepted, and (as it may be conjectured) sent from the Lord Digby, to the Queenes Majesty
petition and declaration of Sir Philom Oneal Knight, Generall of Ireland, to the High Court of Parliament now assembled in England, and the lords and nobility commanders of the army of the Catholicks of Ireland. Averred by Tho. Etherington clerk. The names of the rebels. Oneal, Ormond, Antrim, Mountgarret, Neterfield, Dillon, &c., The
Proceedings. 1642
Rebells letter to the Pope, 1642:, The
rebels of Irelands wicked conspiracie against Kingsaile in the province of Mounsteere, and county of Corke., The : With the relation of a bloudy act committed upon the bodies of a gentlewoman and her man, travelling that way. Also, a speech spoken by the Earle of Tyrone to the rebels in the woods. Here also is related the place of their abode, and how they got thither being in the county of Dublin, five miles from the city, it being the south part of Ireland.
true demands of the rebells in Ireland., The : Declaring the causes of their taking up armes. Sent into England by Sir Phelom O-Neale, their generall: to the Honorable and High Court of Parliament. Vlster, February 1.0. [sic] 1641. Published for prventing [sic] false copies already extant, or that may be hereafter printed. Avowed by R.P. Gent.
Whole triall of Connor Lord Macguire