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Jeff Russo
Jeff Russo (American songwriter and composer)
Jeff Russo (Amerikaans songwriter)
Russo, Jeff
Джефф Руссо
جف روسو (ترانه‌سرا و آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Agboh, Courtney Kemp (co-author)
Decter, Ben
Donovan, Tate
Hawley, Noah (co-author)
LaVasseur, Christopher
McDermott, Dylan (1961-)
Nachmanoff, Jeffrey
Price, Richard (co-author)
Von Ancken, David (co-author)
Whitaker, Jim (1970-)
174 Hours
1m1 - Washing Machine
208 Main on Ends
212 Days of Torture
21st Precinct
87 Days
89 Days
Almost Legion
Altered Carbon Main Titles
Altered Carbon (Original Series Soundtrack)
Andrea’s Cat
Anke Consoles Tut
Anke Says Goodbye
Attack on Gerhardts
Attacked by Troopers
Aye Tests Ankhe
Back in Time
Bad Idea
Bad Strategy
Bakery Fight
Bancroft Shows Kovacs
Bemidji, MN (Fargo Series Main Theme)
Bemidji, MN (Reprise)
Bishop in the Square
Blood in the Bath
Bridget and Lizzie Kiss
Bridget Cries in the Barn
Bridget Finds Telegram / Bridget’s Mom Dies
Burnham Take Over
Call of the Wild, The
Calvin's Swingset
Can’t Dance, I
Can't Rest Here, I
Caper 1
Caper 2, The
Captain Mudd
Car Standoff
Carried to Temple
Chaos and Madness
Charge of Mutiny, The
Chasing David
Choir and Crickets
Cleaning up the Blood
Come in Discovery
Coming Home
Cot on Fire
Counterpart Main Theme
Crew Meeting
Crisco & Cellophane
Cube, The
Dance Battle
Darkness (full suite)
David and Syd
David in Clockworks
David Redux
Day Is Saved, The
Day That Wasn’t, The
Death by Typewriter
Deer, The
Did I Raise an Animal?
Dishonor Yourselves
Dodd’s Shakedown
Dodd’s Theme
Dr. Katz
Drive, The
Dying Pharaoh
East, The
Ed Burns Clothes
Edith's Theme
End Credits (Lizzie Suite)
End of Life
End, The
Facing Off
Fargo Main Theme (Choir)
Fargo Main Theme (Season 3)
Fargo Main Theme (Sioux Falls)
Fargo (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Fargo Year 2: Score From the Original MGM/FXP Television Series
Fargo Year 3 (An Original MGM / FXP Television Series)
Farouk / The Shadow King
Father Kills Pigeons / Lizzie Locked Herself in Her Room
Father of a Killer
Fauxlero (Bolero De Revel)
Fight in Apartment
Final Moves
Finale, The
Fingerprint Scanner
First Entry into Clockworks
First Officer’s Log
Fish Head
For Nikki
Freddy’s Intro
Funeral, The
Future Syd
General's Dissent, The
Gerhardt Bed
Gloria's Theme
Goodbye Delores
Gus And Molly
Gus' Kite
Gus Part 2
Hanzee Funk
Hanzee Kills Floyd
Harpsichord with Undercurrent
Hazel and Cha Cha
Hazel and Delores
Helen’s Intro
Her Daughter
Herman’s Malt
Highway Snow (Fargo Series End Credits)
Horn Heavy
House, The
I’ll Go
I'll Take It from Here
I'm No Good
I've Never Been to Vulcan
Incoming Transmission
Ka and Anke Together
Ka and Ankhe Sex Scene
Karl Arrives
Kasseelian Opera
Killing Ka
Kiss, The
Ladies and Gentlemen
Last Stand Kovacs V1
Leaving for Battle
Legion Main Title
Legion: Season 2 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Legion, Vol. 2: Original Television Series Soundtrack
Lenny and Oliver (Farouk)
Lester As Malvo
Lester Running
Lewis' Coronation - Crowning
Lewis' Coronation - Daydream
Lewis' Coronation - Marching Band
Lewis' Coronation - Palace
Lewis' Coronation - Sailing Ship
Li Fight
Li Noor
Lights in the Sky
Lizzie and Bridget in Barn / Bridget and Lizzie Exchanging Letters
Lizzie Goes to Jail / Lizzie in Court
Lizzie Grabs Some Pears / Bridget Tries to Kill the Father
Lizzie Kills her Stepmother
Lizzie Opening / Bridget Leaves Home
Lizzie Sells Her Jewelry
Lizzie Wakes Up
Long Road Home (Paint Cans), The
Lorca I Knew, The
Lorca is Finished
Lost in the Desert
Magic Man, The
Main Title (aired version)
Main Title (extended)
Main Title Music Box
Main Title (Star Trek Discovery)
Malvo (Eyes Wide)
Malvo Reinvents
Malvo Retreats
Malvo's Briefcase
Malvo's Theme
Many Days (Synth)
Massacre at Sioux Falls
Meeting, The
Mile 22 (End Titles Suite)
Mile 22 (Main Title) (Screen Version)
Mile 22: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Milton's Tower
Minsky (I Can Help)
Mitanni Regrouping
Molly Looks For Lester
Molly's Hunger - Monster
Molly's Hunger - Owl
Molly's Hunger - Shark
Molly's Room
Murderous Tundra
Naz’s Testimony
New Letter
Night Of (end credits), The
Night Of (main title extended: piano and orchestra), The
Night Of (main title screen version quartet), The
Night Of: Music From the HBO Original Series, The
Nikki in Tub
Nikki, Ray and AC
No Answer
North, The
Not a Lot of Humans Here
Notice to Appear
Ode To Joy Steel Drums
Orange Bridge
Orchestra for Nikki
Overwatch Variation
Parable (Gus' Theme), The
Passing the Book
Patchwork Man, The
Peggy and Ed
Peggy Stabs Hanzee
Peggy Watching Movie
Personal Log
Philistines, The
Pigeon Tower / Bridget Reads
Plea, The
Poor Demitri
Poor Meemo
Qo'nos Bar Source
Rebels Haven't Completed Their Evacuation, The
Rehenes : la serie completa
Remembering the Movie
Robbery, The
Russia 1989
Russian Safehouse
Russians (Alternate Version), The
Rye’s Theme
Safe to Drop out of Warp
Sam's Hunting Trip
Say the Words for Me
Seeing Things Hearing Things
Send Message to Palace
Setting Fire
Shift and Cascade, The
Showdown in the Square
Simone and Charlie
Simone’s Harp
Skip Sprang
Sliding Door David
Squadroom, The
Star Trek: Discovery (Original Series Soundtrack) (Chapter 2)
Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1, Chapter 1: Original Series Soundtrack
Stavros' Prayer
Storming the Palace
Street War
Subtle Beast
Sudden Birth
Suhad Continued
Sweet Brutal Suite
Tea and Memory
Tell Me the Truth
Theme from Star Trek (Discovery Episode 115 End Credits Version)
Thin Ice
To Gerhardt’s
Tombs, The
Toutânkhamon le pharaon maudit
Trading Places
Transition to Prison Cell / Bridget Writes to Lizzie
Tut and Suhad on Horse
Tut Main Theme (Extended Verison)
Tut's First Kill, Not
Umbrella Academy (Original Series Soundtrack), The
Vanya Locked Up
Vanyas Orchestra II
Waco (Main Title Theme)
Walk, The
Walter's Bunker
War is Over
Watch the Stars Fall
Water in the Desert
Waving Cat, The
We Come in Peace
Weakened Shields
What Did You Mean by That?
What Remains of Edith Finch Original Score
What’s Happening?
Where is David?
Whistle Open
Wrench and Nikki Steal a Truck
Wrench And Numbers
Wrench and Swango
Year 2 Murder Theme
Year Three Murder
Young David
Contributed to or performed: 
Bad Idea
Behind Blue Eyes
Behind Blue Eyes (Bonus Track)
Bemidji, MN (Fargo Series Main Theme)
Bemidji, MN (reprise)
Burning Compound
Burning Down the House
Change the World
Changes in the Tech Area
Charlie’s Speech
Cornflake Girl
David's Theme
Dawn of the Atomic Age
Deer, The
Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby
Don't Come Around Here No More
Fargo Year 2: Songs From the Original MGM/FXP Television Series
Fish Head
Fresh Off the Boat
Gus and Molly
Gus, Part 2
Highway Snow (Fargo Series End Credits)
It's Always Blue: Songs from Legion (Deluxe Edition)
Lester as Malvo
Lester Running
Long Road Home (Paint Cans), The
Malvo (Eyes Wide)
Malvo Reinvents
Malvo Retreats
Malvo's Briefcase
Malvo's Theme
MANH(A)TTAN: Original Score From the Television Series
McLellan Prison
Meeks Climbs the Tower
Molly Looks for Lester
Murderous Tundra
Next Screen (Bonus Track), The
North, The
Nothing in This World
Out for Blood
Parable (Gus' Theme), The
Phone Call With Jean
Poor Demitri
Rachel Dies
Road to Nowhere (Bonus Track)
Satellite Response
Ship of Fools
Sniper at Ruby Ridge
Space Age 2019
Stavros' Prayer
Survivor List
Take the Job
Tear Gas
Thin Ice
Things Are Coming to a Finish
Trading Places
White Rabbit
White Room
Wrench and Numbers