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Jae-Eui Yang
Yang, Jae-Eui
Yang, Jaee
Yang, Jaeui
양, 재의
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강원대학교 (isRelatedTo)
강원대학교 (see also from)
옥용식 (co-author)
유경열 (co-author)
주진호 (co-author)
Changes in Phytoavailability of Cadmium, Copper, Lead, and Zinc after Application with Eggshell in Contaminated Agricultural Soil
Country Reports Republic of Korea. In Evolving Sustainable Production Systems in Sloping Upland Areas: Land Classification Issues and Options.
Effect of Fly Ash Fertilizer on Paddy Soil Quality and Rice Growth
Microtox 생물검정법을 이용한 은 이온과 은 나노입자의 수용액과 토양에서의 독성 비교 평가
공단 인근 농경지 토양 중 중금속 함량 평가 = Evaluation on Heavy Metal Contents in Agricultural Soils around Industrial Complexes in Korea
부산물 퇴비를 시용한 토양에서 표면유거와 용탈에 의한 질소와 인의 유실
우리나라 골프장의 농약사용 실태 및 관리방안
우리나라 토양환경보전 정책의 패러다임 전환 = Paradigm Shift in Policy of Soil Environment Conservation in Korea
중금속 오염 농경지 토양의 토양질 평가에 관한 연구
토양오염 및 훼손 통합관리를 위한 정책방향 설정 = Establishing Policies towards Integrated Management of Soil Pollution and Damage
표토유실 보전을 통한 온실가스배출 저감과 수자원 보전 기능의 산출 및 정책제안 = Estimating of the Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Function of Water Resources Conservation through Conservation of Surface Soils Erosion and Policy Suggestion
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Geosystem engineering
Journal of applied biological chemistry
지하수토양환경 = Journal of soil and groundwater environment
한국공간정보학회지 = Journal of Korea spatial information society
한국농공학회논문집= Journal of the Korean society of agricultural engineers
한국물환경학회지: 수질보전= Journal of Korean society on water quality
한국유기농업학회지= Korean journal of organic agriculture
한국지구시스템공학회지 = Journal of the Korean society for geosystem engineering
한국환경농학회지 = Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture
한국환경농학회지= Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture
大韓環境工學會誌= Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers
韓國土壤肥料學會誌 = Korean journal of soil science & fertilizer
韓國土壤肥料學會誌= Korean journal of soil science & fertilizer
韓國雜草學會誌= Korean Journal of Weed Science