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Gang, Gyuyeong
Kang, Kyu-Young
Kang Kyuyoung
Kyu-Young Kang
강, 규영
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Bunchoy (co-author)
Suwat (co-author)
강남준 (co-author)
강병철 (co-author)
강선영 (co-author)
강영현 (co-author)
강원희 (co-author)
강위금 (co-author)
강재곤 (co-author)
경상대학교 (isRelatedTo)
고숙주 (co-author)
권영상 (co-author)
권오열 (co-author)
권혜영 (co-author)
그외다수 (co-author)
김경열 (co-author)
김근기 (co-author)
김남수 (co-author)
김동길 (co-author)
김방금 (co-author)
김범수 (co-author)
김병석 (co-author)
김상곤 (co-author)
김상훈 (co-author)
김석현 (co-author)
김선태 (co-author)
김성태 (co-author)
김수진 (co-author)
김숙자 (co-author)
김승호 (co-author)
김연환 (co-author)
김영진 (co-author)
김옥순 (co-author)
김용균 (co-author)
김인자 (co-author)
김종운 (co-author)
김주곤 (co-author)
김진수 (co-author)
김진효 (co-author)
김치호 (co-author)
김형준 (co-author)
김호승 (co-author)
김호철 (co-author)
김희규 (co-author)
남현숙 (co-author)
뉴엔타이 (co-author)
레오니드엔.텐 (co-author)
명동주 (co-author)
문병철 (co-author)
문석식 (co-author)
문솜 (co-author)
문해신 (co-author)
문형윤 (co-author)
민현성 (co-author)
박경배 (co-author)
박기도 (co-author)
박기훈 (co-author)
박민호 (co-author)
박성우 (co-author)
박성훈 (co-author)
박연기 (co-author)
박용우 (co-author)
박종식 (co-author)
박창영 (co-author)
박홍란 (co-author)
밝훈 (co-author)
배동원 (co-author)
배두직 (co-author)
배임성 (co-author)
배종향 (co-author)
서미숙 (co-author)
성낙도 (co-author)
성민규 (co-author)
성은성 (co-author)
성필남 (co-author)
손정익 (co-author)
손홍주 (co-author)
송유한 (co-author)
신동현 (co-author)
신진섭 (co-author)
안응진 (co-author)
안철근 (co-author)
암마라 (co-author)
양동훈 (co-author)
양민석 (co-author)
양승희 (co-author)
양은영 (co-author)
양희범 (co-author)
연성흠 (co-author)
오누마 (co-author)
왕일명 (co-author)
우찬조 (co-author)
원성혜 (co-author)
원정미 (co-author)
유근 (co-author)
유아선 (co-author)
유인상 (co-author)
윤재복 (co-author)
윤한대 (co-author)
이기상 (co-author)
이동기 (co-author)
이동열 (co-author)
이득영 (co-author)
이미경 (co-author)
이병대 (co-author)
이병현 (co-author)
이상돈 (co-author)
이상욱 (co-author)
이상진 (co-author)
이상훈 (co-author)
이선미 (co-author)
이선아 (co-author)
이소정 (co-author)
이수현 (co-author)
이승화 (co-author)
이애란 (co-author)
이용직 (co-author)
이원수 (co-author)
이원필 (co-author)
이재성 (co-author)
이정필 (co-author)
이정한 (co-author)
이정현 (co-author)
이제봉 (co-author)
이준대 (co-author)
이증주 (co-author)
이창훈 (co-author)
이희동 (co-author)
임건재 (co-author)
임선택 (co-author)
장석찬 (co-author)
장홍순 (co-author)
정동규 (co-author)
정미혜 (co-author)
정부근 (co-author)
정운우 (co-author)
정원주 (co-author)
정재상 (co-author)
정태화 (co-author)
제증희 (co-author)
조규성 (co-author)
조금조 (co-author)
조명철 (co-author)
조영득 (co-author)
조영열 (co-author)
조용식 (co-author)
조윤기 (co-author)
진용덕 (co-author)
차승훈 (co-author)
차종철 (co-author)
최근형 (co-author)
최성준 (co-author)
최영웅 (co-author)
최영환 (co-author)
최용락 (co-author)
최원조 (co-author)
최은하 (co-author)
최화춘 (co-author)
타사니아 (co-author)
하호성 (co-author)
한기수 (co-author)
한명자 (co-author)
한정헌 (co-author)
한창덕 (co-author)
홍무기 (co-author)
홍순성 (co-author)
홍종찬 (co-author)
황두현 (co-author)
황태연 (co-author)
2차원 이송-확산 방정식을 이용한 해안에서의 부유사 해석 = Analysis of Suspended Load using A Two-Dimensional Advection-Diffusion Equation in Coastal Zone
A comparative proteomic analysis of tomato leaves in response to waterlogging stress
A Comparative Proteomics Survey of Proteins Responsive to Phosphorous Starvation in Roots of Hydroponically-grown Rice Seedlings
A proteomic approach in analyzing heat-responsive proteins in rice leaves
Altered Gene Expression and Intracellular Changes of the Viable But Nonculturable State in Ralstonia solanacearum by Copper Treatment
An approach to identify cold-induced low-abundant proteins in rice leaf
Analysis of embryonic proteome modulation by GA and ABA from germinating rice seeds
Antagonism and Structural Identification of Antifungal Compound from Chaetomium cochliodes against Phytopathogenic Fungi
Antifungal Activities of N-Arylbenzenesulfonamides against Phytopathogens and Control Efficacy on Wheat Leaf Rust and Cabbage Club Root Diseases
Aspergillus terreus로부터 항진균성 물질의 분리 및 구조분석 = Isolation and Structure Identification of Antifungal Substance from Aspergillus terreus
Benzimidazole계 살균제의 농작업자 위해성평가 = Operator exposure risk assessment of benzimidazole fungicides on Korean agricultural condition
Benzimidazole계 살균제의 세포독성 평가 = Risk assessment on cytotoxicity for benzimidazole fungicides
Biotic Stress-Responsive Rice Proteome: An Overview
Burkhoderia sp. AK-17에 의한 잎들깨 재배의 생물학적 조절 = Biological Control of Perilla Culture by Burkhoderia sp. AK-17
Characteristic of neuraminidase inhibitory xanthones from Cudrania tricuspidata
Comparative proteomic study of arsenic-induced differentially expressed proteins in rice roots reveals glutathione plays a central role during As stress
Defining the plant disulfide proteome
Depletion of abundant plant RuBisCO protein using the protamine sulfate precipitation method
Effect of Phytohormones and Chemical Inhibitors on Pathogenesis-related Genes Identified by Differential Hybridization in Rice Suspension Culture Cells
Effects of NaCI Stress on Germination, Antioxidant Responses, and Proline Content in Two Rice Cultivars
Efficient synthesis of 3-hydroxyprolines and 3-hydroxyprolinols from sugars
Expression of a salt-induced protein (SALT) in suspension-cultured cells and leaves of rice following exposure to fungal elicitor and phytohormones
Gene Expression Profiling in Rice Infected with Rice Blast Fungus using SAGE
Imidacloprid 피복 요소 혼합제제의 특성 및 시용효과 = Properties and Application Effects of Imidacloprid Coated Urea
Isolation of CONSTANS as a TGA4/OBF4 Interacting Protein
Isolation of TC/AG Repeat Microsatellite Sequences for Fingerprinting Rice Blast Fungus and Their Possible Horizontal Transfer to Plant Species
Korean plant proteomics: pioneers in plant stress physiology
N-phenylbenzenesulfonamide 유도체들에 의한 모잘록병균 (Pythium ultimum)의 살균활성에 관한 CoMFA 및 CoMSIA분석 = CoMFA and CoMSIA Analysis on the Fungicidal Activity against Damping-off (Pythium ultimum) with N-phenylbenzenesulfonamide Analogues
Near Isogenic Lines으로 부터 벼 도열병 저항성인 RAPD Marker 선발 = Selection of RAPD Markers for a Rice Blast Disease Resistant Gene in Nearly Isogenic Rice Lines
Operator exposure risk assessment of benzimidazole fungicides on Korean agricultural condition
OsGlu2 유전자를 이용한 도열병 저항성 및 수량 증진형질전환 식물체 = Transgenic Plant for Increasing Disease Resistant and Crop Yield Using OsGlu2 Gene
Overexpression of rice isoflavone reductase-like gene (OsIRL) confers tolerance to reactive oxygen species
Physiological and proteomic analysis of young rice leaves grown under nitrogen-starvation conditions
Physiological and Proteomics Analysis to Potassium Starvation in Rice
Production of the Antifungal Compound Phenylacetic Acid by Antagonistic Bacterium Pseudomonas sp.
Proteasome Inhibitors Affect Appressorium Formation and Pathogenicity of the Rice Blast Fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae
Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins induced by rice blast fungus and elicitor in suspension-cultured rice cells
Proteomic analysis of Korean ginseng(Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer) following exposure to salt stress
Proteomic analysis of pathogen-responsive proteins from rice leaves induced by rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe grisea
Proteomic analysis of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-related proteins in rice roots
Proteomics of ionic stresses in rice: An overview
Proteomics of rice and Cochliobolus miyabeanus fungal interaction: Insight into proteins at intracellular and extracellular spaces
Proteomics of weakly bound cell wall proteins in rice calli
Proteomics 기법을 이용한 식물 저온스트레스 관련 단백질의 분리동정
Proteomics 기법을 이용한 식물의 저온 스트레스 관련 조직 특이적인 단백질 분리동정
Pterocarpan Profiles for Soybean Leaves at Different Growth Stages and Investigation of Their Glycosidase Inhibitions
Rhizobium meliloti TAL1372에서 섬유소분해효소 유전자 클로닝 = Clonig of CM-cellulase Gene of Rhizobium meliloti TAL1372 in Escherichia coli
Secretome analysis of differentially induced proteins in rice suspension-cultured cells triggered by rice blast fungus and elicitor
The rice pathogen-related protein 10 (JIOsPR10) is induced by abiotic and biotic stresses and exhibits ribonuclease activity
Transcriptome Analysis of Early Responsive Genes in Rice during Magnaporthe oryzae Infection
WRKY group IId transcription factors interact with calmodulin
고추역병균(Phytophthora capsici)에 대한 N-Phenylbenzenesulfonamide 유도체들의 살균활성에 관한 3D-QSAR 분석과 고활성 화합물의 예측 = 3D-QSAR Analysis on the Fungicidal Activity with N-Phenylbenzenesulfonamide Analogues against Phytophthora blight (Phytophthora capsici) and Prediction of Higher Active Compounds
국내등록농약의 일일섭취허용량(ADI) 설정 = Establishment acceptable daily intakes(ADIs) for pesticides registered in Korea
내분비계 장애추정농약에 대한 에스트로겐성 영향검색 및 위해성 평가 = Risk assessment for estrogenic effect of the suspected endocrine disrupting pesticides
농약원제 및 제품 간의 자극성 및 감작성 상관성 평가 연구 = Correlation of Active Ingredients and End-use Products Pesticide on Irritation and Sensitization
다양한 함몰지형 위를 통과하는 파랑의 반사율 해석 = Analysis of Reflection Coefficients of Waves Propagating over Various Depression of Topography
다열 불투과성 수중방파제를 통과하는 다방향 불규칙파랑의 해석 = Analysis of Multi-directional Random Waves Propagating over Multi Arrayed Impermeable Submerged Breakwater
다열 함몰지형을 통과하는 불규칙 파랑의 반사해석 = Analysis of Reflection Coefficients of Random Waves Propagating over Multi-arrayed trenchs
단감 재배기간 중 살균제 pyrimethanil과 trifloxystrobin의 생산단계 잔류허용기준 설정 = Establishment of Pre-Harvest Residue Limit of Fungicides Pyrimethanil and Trifloxystrobin during Cultivation of Persimmon
단기번식독성시험법을 이용한 제초제 Alachlor의 송사리 내분비계 영향 조사 = Evaluation of endocrine disrupting effect of the herbicide Alachlor on Japanese Medaka using short term reproduction assay
단자엽 식물의 노화 및 세포사멸에 관여하는 PBZ1단백질 = PBZ1 protein involved in senescence and cell death of monocot plants
도열병 분비 단백질, MSP1의 벼 세포사멸 및 자가 면역반응 작용기작 연구 = Mode of action for mechanism of rice cell death and innate immunity induced by MSP1 in planta secreted from rice blast fungus
도열병 저항성 및 수량 증진에 유용한 OsGlu2 유전자 = OsGlu2 Gene for Increasing Disease Resistant and Crop Yield
매실 중 살균제 azoxystrobin과 difenoconazole의 생산단계 잔류허용기준 설정 = Establishment of Pre-Harvest Residue Limit (PHRL) of Fungicides Azoxystrobin and Difenoconazole on Prunus mume fruits
버크홀데리아 속 AB 100 및 슈도모나스 속 AB 62균주의 혼합균주를 인삼병원균 방제에 사용하는 용도 = Use of a bacterium mixture of Burkholderia sp. AB 100and Pseudomonas sp. AB 62 for preventing ginseng plantpathogens
벼 도열병 in planta apoplastic 분비 세포벽 분해 단백질들의 선천적 면역 (innate immunity) 관련 elicitor 기능연구 = Functional study of in planta apoplastic glycosyl hydrolases secreted from rice blast fungus as a elicitor for increase of innate immunity
벼 도열병 저항성 관련 유전자 분리, 발현 조절 및 형질전환 작물의 분자육종 = Molecular cloning, regulation of expression, and development of transgenic plants of rice blast fungus resistance related genes
벼 도열병 저항성 관련 유전자 분리, 발현조절 및 형질전환 작물의 붅자육종 = Molecular cloning, regulation of expression, and development of transgenic plants of rice blast fungus resistance related genes
벼 유래의 리보뉴클레아제 활성을 가지는 OsPR―10단백질 = OsPR-10 protein isolated from rice (Oryza sativa L. japonicatype) functioning as a ribonuclease
벼 종자 발아 및 분화 관련 단백질체 분석 = Proteomic analysis of rice seed germination
벼 종자 발아 및 뿌리 발달 분화 관련 단백질 기능연구 = Functional Study of Proteins Related to Rice Seed Germination and Root Development
벼의 내 재해성 관련 프로테옴 연구 = Proteome Analysis of Stress Tolerance in Rice
비대칭성을 고려한 방향 스펙트럼식 = Directional Wave Spectrum Equations Considering Asymmetry
살균제 carbendazim이 DNA, 유전자 및 염색체에 미치는 영향 = Effects of carbendazim on DNA, gene and chromosome
살균제 carbendazim이 랫드 간 해독체계에 미치는 영향 = The Effect of Fungicide Carbendazim on Hepatic detoxication systems of rat
생물성 스트레스 관련 단백질-10(PR-10 proteins)의 기능 연구 및 저항성 벼 개발에 관한 연구 = Functional study and development transgenic plants for stress related protein-10
생물성 스트레스 관련 단백질-10(PR-10 proteins)의 기능 연구 및 저항성 벼 개발에 관한 연구 = Functional study and transgenic plant development of biotic stress related PR-10 proteins
생산단계 잔류허용기준 설정을 위한 엇갈이배추 중 bistrifluron과 fluopicolide의 잔류 특성 연구 = Residual Characteristics of Bistrifluron and Fluopicolide in Korean Cabbage for Establishing Pre-Harvest Residue Limit
수치해석을 이용한 항만의 해수교환율 산정 = The Calculation of Seawater Exchange Rate in a Port by Numerical Analysis
식물 병원균 항균 활성을 가지는엔-2,6-디클로로-4-(트리플루오로메틸)페닐벤젠술폰아미드 유도체 화합물과 식물 병원균으로부터식물을 방제하는 방법 = N-2,6-dichloro-(4-trifluoromethyl)phenylbenzenesulfonamide derivative Compounds havingantifungal activites against phytopathogens and methodfor using thereof
식물 병원균 항균 활성을 가지는엔-2-클로로-4-니트로페닐 벤젠술폰아미드 유도체화합물과 식물 병원균으로부터 식물을 방제하는 방법 = N-2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl benzenesulfonamide derivativeCompounds having antifungal activites againstphytopathogens and method for using thereof
식물병원균 생육을 저해하는 Aspergillus terreus로부터 분리한 향균물질의 특성 = Characterization of an antifungal compound isolated from an antagonistic fungus Aspergillus terreus against phytopathogenic fungi
언론에 보도된 농산물 중 유해물질 동향 분석 = Trend Analysis of Hazard Substances in/on Agricultural Products Reported by Press
잿빛곰팡이균(Botrytis cinerea)에 대한 N-phenylbenzenesulfonamide 유도체들의 살균활성에 관한 CoMFA 분석 = CoMFA Analyses on the Fungicidal Activity with N-phenylbenzensulfonamide Analogues against Gray Mold (Botrytis cinerea)
천연물 유래 신농약 개발
파프리카 잎 중 Chlorfenapyr의 잔류량 변화와 점박이응애에 대한 잔효 생물 활성 = Persistence of Chlorfenapyr in Paprika Leaf and Its Residual Biological Activity to Two Spotted Spider Mite, Tetranychus urticae
파프리카 재배 중 살균제 boscalid와 pyraclostrobin의 사용시기에 따른 작물 부위별 생산단계 잔류특성 = Pre-Harvest Residual Characteristics of Boscalid and Pyraclostrobin in Paprika at Different Seasons and Plant Parts
파프리카 재배기간 중 담배나방 방제에 사용되는 살충제의 잔류특성 = Residual Characteristics of Insecticides Used for Oriental Tobacco Budworm Control of Paprika
파프리카 흰가루병 방제용 난황유의 유화특성과 유황수화제와의 혼용 시 방제효과 = Emulsification Characters of COY (Cooking Oil and Egg Yolk Mixture) and Mixing Application with Sulfur Wettable Powder for Enhancing the Control Efficacies against Paprika Powdery Mildew
파프리카연구사업단 = Development of paprika cultivar and technique for promoting international competitive power
파프리카연구사업단 = Paprika Center
폭 변화에 따른 다열 불투과성 수중방파제를 통과하는 다방향 불규칙파랑 해석 = Analysis of Multi-directional Random Waves Propagating over Multi Arrayed Submerged Breakwaters as Varying Crown Widths
하구항의 폭풍해일 저감방안 = Mitigation of Storm Surges in an Estuary Harbor in Orissa, India
해저 지형을 이용한 연직 구조물의 처오름 감소 = Reduction of Run-up Height of Vertical Structure using Bottom Topography
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