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Bak, Yongseong
Park, Yong-Sung
Park Yongsung
Yong-Sung Park
박, 용성
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강주희 (co-author)
고상진 (co-author)
고영건 (co-author)
권순영 (co-author)
권오관 (co-author)
김경숙 (co-author)
김공남 (co-author)
김근화 (co-author)
김남균 (co-author)
김민경 (co-author)
김성신 (co-author)
김순엽 (co-author)
김영운 (co-author)
김재록 (co-author)
김정락 (co-author)
김준환 (co-author)
김지영 (co-author)
김천수 (co-author)
김현수 (co-author)
문진희 (co-author)
박상순 (co-author)
박선주 (co-author)
박성호 (co-author)
박준성 (co-author)
상명대학교 (isRelatedTo)
서현정 (co-author)
성기호 (co-author)
소순영 (co-author)
손명호 (co-author)
송명숙 (co-author)
송학 (co-author)
신도근 (co-author)
신윤정 (co-author)
신희관 (co-author)
심정화 (co-author)
안보영 (co-author)
오현철 (co-author)
우제완 (co-author)
우제원 (co-author)
유종춘 (co-author)
유한솔 (co-author)
윤대희 (co-author)
윤소희 (co-author)
윤은선 (co-author)
이난영 (co-author)
이상훈 (co-author)
이윤희 (co-author)
이인자 (co-author)
이종길 (co-author)
이지선 (co-author)
이지윤 (co-author)
이진범 (co-author)
이진식 (co-author)
이현석 (co-author)
이혜 (co-author)
이혜원 (co-author)
이혜진 (co-author)
이호진 (co-author)
임정호 (co-author)
장길상 (co-author)
전용진 (co-author)
정근우 (co-author)
정병수 (co-author)
조남철 (co-author)
조선애 (co-author)
주영 (co-author)
주영미 (co-author)
진, 이원 (co-author)
차혜영 (co-author)
최웅수 (co-author)
최재혁 (co-author)
황영애 (co-author)
(A)study on the size control of nanosized polystyrene
Analysis of N2O decomposition over fixed bed mixed metal oxide catalysts made from hydrotalcite-type precursors
Electrorheological behavior of chitosan succinate suspension as an anhydrous ER fluid
Enhanced performances of N2O destruction in the presence of CO over the mixed metal oxide catalysts derived from hydrotalcite-type precursors
Equilibrium adsorption model of anions onto a novel synthesized chelating fiber under various pHs and Fourier transform infrared study of these adsorptions
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy study of the effect of pH on anion and cation adsorption onto poly(acrylo-amidino diethylenediamine)
In vitro Interaction of Recombinantly Expressed Kringle 5 (rK5) with Ras Guanine Nucleotide Dissociation Stimulator-like Factor (Rgl2)
Macromol. Chem. Phys. 14/2011
MMO 촉매 하에서 N 2 O 분해에 대한 메탄 SCR 반응 및 CO 생성 효과의 비교 연구 = Comparative Reaction Characteristics of Methane Selective Catalytic Reduction with CO Generation Effect in the N 2 O Decomposition over Mixed Metal Oxide Catalysts
MMO 촉매 하에서 N₂O 분해에 대한 메탄 SCR 반응 및 CO 생성 효과의 비교 연구
Novel approach to enhance the dispersion stability of ER fluids based on hollow polyaniline sphere particle
Novel synthesis and characterization of activated carbon fiber and dye adsorption modeling
Phenothiazine계 전도성고분자의 합성 및 유기박막태양전지로의 적용 연구
Phenothiazine과 2,1,3-Benzothiadiazole을 포함한 Copolymer의 합성 및 Side-chain 치환에 따른 Photovoltaic 특성 연구 = Synthesis, Photovoltaic Properties and Side-chain Effect of Copolymer Containing Phenothiazine and 2,1,3-Benzothiadiazole
Rigid한 Phenothiazine-Quinoxaline D/A 공액 고분자 구조의 용해성 향상 연구 및 유기박막태양전지로의 특성 분석 = Improved Solubility and Characterization of Photovoltaic Properties D/A Copolymers based on Rigid Structure of Phenothiazine-Quinoxaline
Sol-Gel 법에 의한 LiMn_2O_4의 합성 및 리튬이차전지용 전극물질로의 특성 = The Synthesis of LiMn_2O_4by sol-gel method and properties as electrode materials for lithium secondary battery
Synthesis, characterization and electrical properties of novel steric phthalocyanine polymers
Synthesis of polymeric phthalocyanine sulfonate photosensitizer and its photodegradation on rhodamine B in aqueous medium
Synthesis of stable hollow silica nanospheres
Synthesis, Thermal-Induced Phase Separation, and Solvent-Induced Switching Behavior of Novel Ionic Polymer Based on Sulfonated Poly(Ethylene-co-Vinyl Alcohol) for Li Ion Recovery
The mixing effect of amine and carboxyl groups on electrorheological properties and its analysis by in situ FT-IR under an electric field
국제환경현안 대응.해결기술;온실가스 N_2O 분해용 촉매 시스템 및 적용기술 개발 = Settlement of Global and International Environmental Issue;Development and Applications of the Catalytic Decomposition System of Greenhouse Gas N_2O
글리콜형 노보넨 에스터계 유도체 및 이의 용도 = Glycol type norbornene ester-based derivatives and its use
기화성방청제 Dialkylamine (di-)nitrobenzoates 합성 및 방청성능 = Synthesis and Performance of Dialkylamine (di-)nitrobenzoates for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
노보넨 디에스터 유도체, 이의 제조방법 및 이의 용도 = Norbornene diester derivatives, preparing method thereof and its use
농약 방출 조절제 소재로서 실리카 중공 미세구의 물성연구 = A Study on the Properties of Hollow Silica Microspheres for Controlled-release Pesticide Formulation
복합 무기 나노졸의 제조 방법 및 그에 의하여 제조된 무기나노졸 = Method for Producing Composite Inorganic Nano-sol andthe Inorganic Nano-sol Produced by the Same
살충활성을 갖는 프탈로시아닌 화합물 유도체 = Phthalocyanine derivatives having insecticial activity
온실가스 N 2 O 분해촉매 개발 = Catalyst Development for the Decomposition of N 2 O the Greenhouse Gas
온실가스 N_2O 분해용 촉매 시스템 및 적용기술 개발 = Development and Applications of the Catalytic Decomposition System of Greenhouse Gas N_2O
이중 반응기를 이용한 질소산화물의 분해방법 = Method for decomposing nitrogen oxides using doublereactor
일산화탄소를 이용한 질소산화물의 분해방법 = Method for decomposing nitrogen oxides with carbonmonoxide
전도성 모델에 의한 인산에스테르셀룰로오즈 현탁액의 전기유변학적 특성 연구 = Electrorheological Properties of Cellulose Phosphate Ester Suspension by Conduction Models
친환경 경량 점토 조성물 및 이의 제조 방법 = Eco-friendly light weight clay composition and preparing method thereof
친환경 제형 소재의 상업화에 관한 연구 = Development of Eco-friendly materials to prevent pollution;A Study on the Commercialization of Eco-friendly Formulation material
폴리에스테르의 화학적 구조에 따른 생분해 거동에 관한 연구 = A Study on the Biodegradable Properties of Polyesters associated with their Chemical Structures
환경오염 저감을 위한 농약 용출조절용 소재 개발 =
廢 망간電池로부터 黃酸 암모늄에 의한 Mn 성분의 분리 회수에 관한 연구 = A Study on the Recovery of Mn Component from the Spent Manganese Batteries with Ammonium Sulfate
Contributed to or performed: 
Macromolecular research
공업화학 =Applied chemistry for engineering
공업화학= Journal of the Korean industrial and engineering chemistry