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Bong-Ho Lee
I, Bongho
Lee, Bong-Ho
Lee Bongho
이, 봉호
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강경원 (co-author)
강기정 (co-author)
강희룡 (co-author)
고효진 (co-author)
곽문정 (co-author)
곽상태 (co-author)
곽종환 (co-author)
김범경 (co-author)
김상희 (co-author)
김성기 (co-author)
김성호 (co-author)
김영섭 (co-author)
김정섭 (co-author)
김종승 (co-author)
김종식 (co-author)
김진희 (co-author)
김태윤 (co-author)
김형진 (co-author)
김환묵 (co-author)
노석선 (co-author)
류종완 (co-author)
박관하 (co-author)
박용주 (co-author)
박유미 (co-author)
박은경 (co-author)
배재민 (co-author)
서은정 (co-author)
손범수 (co-author)
송경식 (co-author)
송주은 (co-author)
신가영 (co-author)
신대현 (co-author)
신동헌 (co-author)
신영주 (co-author)
신종헌 (co-author)
신현철 (co-author)
안송희 (co-author)
오익훈 (co-author)
오하나 (co-author)
원태형 (co-author)
유건식 (co-author)
유병수 (co-author)
유시용 (co-author)
유영춘 (co-author)
윤진석 (co-author)
이경복 (co-author)
이남호 (co-author)
이동하 (co-author)
이민호 (co-author)
이상한 (co-author)
이영순 (co-author)
이용균 (co-author)
이유나 (co-author)
이은석 (co-author)
이은정 (co-author)
이제성 (co-author)
이주현 (co-author)
이지영 (co-author)
이창열 (co-author)
이향규 (co-author)
이현진 (co-author)
이혜숙 (co-author)
이혜승 (co-author)
인진경 (co-author)
장경화 (co-author)
장용하 (co-author)
장현욱 (co-author)
전병욱 (co-author)
전종한 (co-author)
전주은 (co-author)
정대일 (co-author)
정미송 (co-author)
주리안티 (co-author)
지옥표 (co-author)
지희윤 (co-author)
차미란 (co-author)
최병욱 (co-author)
최순규 (co-author)
최춘환 (co-author)
한밭대학교 (see also from)
한승연 (co-author)
한정태 (co-author)
허슬기 (co-author)
허정희 (co-author)
홍남두 (co-author)
홍장희 (co-author)
황도연 (co-author)
황혜정 (co-author)
A New Antioxidant Monoterpene Glycoside, alpha-Benzoyloxypaeoniflorin from Paeonia suffruticosa
Absolute Stereochemistry Determination of Tetrin B
Acetylcholinesterase(AChE)-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Long-Chain Thiocholine Esters: Shift to a New Chemical Mechanism
Acetylcholinesterase 억제 및 신경세포 보호 활성을 갖는 다시마목 해조 추출물 NX42의 마우스 학습능력 향상 효과 = Improvement of Learning Behavior of Mice by an Antiacetylcholinesterase and Neuroprotective Agent NX42, a Laminariales-Alga Extract
An Antioxidative and Antiinflammatory Agent for Potential Treatment of Osteoarthritis from Ecklonia cava
Anti-hyperlipidemic Effect of Polyphenol Extract (Seapolynol<sup>TM</sup>) and Dieckol Isolated from Ecklonia cava in in vivo and in vitro Models
Anticholinesterase activity of plastoquinones from Sargassum sagamianum: lead compounds for alzheimers disease therapy
Antifungal Activities of Dieckol Isolated from the Marine Brown Alga Ecklonia cava against Trichophyton rubrum
Ardimerin, a New Dimeric Lactone from the Herb of Ardisia japonica
Cholinesterase Inhibitory Activity of Two Farnesylacetone Derivatives from the Brown Alga Sargassum sagamianum
Cytotoxic Activities of Brominated Sesquiterpenes from the Red Alga Laurencia okamurae
Design and Synthesis of Phenyl Boronic Acids and Benzothiophenones as Anticholinesterases
Development of Selective Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitors Using (R)-Lipoic Acid-Polyphenol Hybrid Molecules
Dieckol Inhibits 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-induced SK-Hep1 Human Hepatoma Cell Motility through Suppression of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 Activity
Effects of 12-week Oral Supplementation of Ecklonia cava Polyphenols on Anthropometric and Blood Lipid Parameters in Overweight Korean Individuals: A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial
Ellman 효소법에 의한 대전시 상수도내 살충제의 잔류농도 결정 및 그 대책에 관한 연구 = A Study on the Remaining Concentration of Pesticides in Tap Water of Taejon City by Ellman′s Enzyme Method and the Countermeasure
Improvement of Memory by Dieckol and Phlorofucofuroeckol in Ethanol-Treated Mice: Possible Involvement of the Inhibition of Acetylcholinesterase
Inhibition of electric eel acetylcholinesterase by porphin compounds
New Cholinesterase Inhibitor, Lipoic Acid-Nitrone Derivatives
Selective Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitors Using Polyphenol-polyphenol Hybrid Molecules
Synthesis of rhodamine-labelled dieckol: its unique intracellular localization and potent anti-inflammatory activity
Synthesis of Selective Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitors Coupled between α-Lipoic Acid and Polyphenols by Using 2-(Piperazin-1-yl)ethanol Linker
The Radical Scavenging Effects of Stilbene Glucosides from Polygonum multiflorum
Wondosterols A-C, three steroidal glycosides from a Korean marine two-sponge association
감태 (Ecklonia cava) 추출물의 항고혈압 효과 = Antihypertensive Effect of Ecklonia cava Extract
견뢰도 향상과 기능성이 가미된 오가닉코튼을 사용한 친환경적 천연염색 유아용 침구 개발 =
넓패 추출물을 함유하는 미백 화장료 = Whitening cosmetics containing extracts from Ishigesinicola
대추 복합 추출물의 Bioconversion을 이용한 보습 및 미백효과를 가진 기능성 화장품 개발 =
디아실 글리세롤 아실트랜스퍼라제 활성 억제제 및 이를포함하는 고지혈증과 비만의 예방 및 치료용 약학 조성물 = The agent having anti-diacyl glycerol acyl transferaseactivity and the pharmaceutical composition forpreventing and treating hyperlipidemia and obesitycomprising the same
베타-아밀로이드에 의한 신경독성 경감용 조성물 = Compositions for alleviating neurotoxicity induced by beta-amyloid peptide
사가퀴노익산을 함유하는 피부질환 및 피부암의 예방 또는치료용 약학적 조성물 = Pharmaceutical composition containing Sargaquinoic acidfor preventing or treating skin disease and skincancer
사가크로메놀을 함유하는 피부질환의 예방 또는 개선용화장료 조성물 = Cosmetic composition containing Sargachromenol for preventing or improving skin diseases
생약의 아세틸콜린에스터라제 억제활성 검색 = Screening of the Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors from Medicinal Plants
생약추출물들의 acetylcholinesterase (AChE) 저해활성 검색 = Inhibitory Effects of Some Herbal Extracts on the Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) In Vitro
손바닥선인장(Opuntia ficus-indica)의 라디칼 활성, Tyrosinase 억제 활성, 항알레르기 활성 검색 = Screening of the Radical Scavenging Effects, Tyrosinase Inhibition and Anti-allergic Activities Using Opuntia ficus-indica
아세틸콜린에스터라제 촉매에 의한 티오에스테르의 가수분해 반응 메카니즘 연구 = Reaction Mechanism of Acetylcholinesterase Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Thiocholine Esters
오수유의 Cholinesterase 저해활성 성분 = Cholinesterase Inhibitors Isolated from the Fruits Extract of Evodia officinalis
인삼 진세노사이드 대사체의 지방산 에스터 화합물을 함유하는 기능성 화장품의 개발 = Development of functional cosmetics using fatty acid esters of ginsenoside metabolites
창상 치유용 피부 외용제 조성물 = A skin external composition for wound healing
콜린에스터라제 억제활성을 가진 외톨개모자반 추출물 및 그 추출방법 = Myagropsis myagroides extract with colinesterase suppression activity and extraction method thereof
포르피린 화합물을 이용한 콜레스테롤에스테르 가수분해효소 억제반응 = Inhibition of Cholesterolesterase by Porphyrin Complexes
항산화 및 항염증 효과를 갖는 큰잎모자반 용매 추출물 및 이의 제조방법 = Sargassum ringgoldianum extract with antioxidative and antiinflammatory activity and extraction method thereof
항산화 활성을 갖는 신규 사가 크로마놀 유도체 화합물, 이의 분리방법 및 이를 포함하는 항산화제 = Novel Sargachromanol derivatives, a isolation method thereof, and a composition containing the same showing antioxidant activity
항염, 항알레르기 및 항천식 활성을 갖는 불포화지방산글리세롤 유도체 및 이를 포함하는 조성물 = Novel polyunsaturated fatty acid monoglyceridederivatives showing anti-inflammatory activity,anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic activity and acomposition containing the same
항염, 항알레르기 및 항천식 활성을 갖는 비틀대 모자반추출물을 함유하는 조성물 = A composition comprising an extract of Sargassumsagamianum showing anti-inflammatory activity,anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic activity
항염, 항알레르기 및 항천식 활성을 갖는 지방산 글리세롤유도체 및 이를 유효성분으로 함유하는 조성물 = Novel fatty acid derivatives showing anti-inflammatoryactivity, anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic activity andthe composition comprising the same
해조류 메탄올 추출물의 Prolyl Endopeptidase, Tyrosinase 저해 및 항응고 활성 스크리닝 = Inhibition Activities of Sea Weeds on Prolyl Endopeptidase, Tyrosinase and Coagulation
해조류 및 생약의 Tyrosinase 억제활성 검색 = Screening of the Tyrosinase Inhibitors from Marine Algae and Medicinal Plants
해조류 유래 신규 향장품 및 피부의약품 소재 개발연구 = A Study on the Development of New Agents for Cosmetics and Skin Drugs from Marine Algae
해조류로부터 수용성 항산화 물질의 추출 = Extraction of Water Soluble Antioxidants from Seaweeds
해조식물로부터 추출한 콜린에스터라제 활성 억제제를함유하는 알츠하이머성 치매 개선제 및 인지능력 개선제 = Compound for improving Alzheimer Desease containinginhibitors of Cholinesterase activity extracted frommarin plants and cognition ability
형광 표지된 신규 디에콜 유도체 = A Novel Fluorescence-labeled dieckol derivative
Contributed to or performed: 
생약학회지 = Korean journal of pharmacognosy