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Jeong, Wonyeong
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Baek, Seung Hee(ADPER7700136312) (co-author)
Hong, Seong-Soo(ADPER0000259152] (co-author)
Jeong, Euh Duck(ADPER0000196342) (co-author)
Kim, Hyun Gyu(ADPER0000141094) (co-author)
Lee, Gun Dae(ADPER0000177467) (co-author)
Lee, Gun-Dae(ADPER0000177467) (co-author)
Lee, Man Sig(ADPER0000128504) (co-author)
Lim, Kwon Taek(ADPER0000030947) (co-author)
Lim, Kwon-Taek(ADPER0000030947) (co-author)
Noh, Byung Ho(ADPER7700104944) (co-author)
Park, Seong Soo(ADPER0000257652) (co-author)
Park, Seong-Soo(ADPER0000257652) (co-author)
Ryu, Young Bok(ADPER6802715125) (co-author)
Yang, Jin Sup(ADPER6803095904) (co-author)
송영인(ADPER6801266075) (co-author)
이만식(ADPER0000128504) (co-author)
이성훈(ADPER6801300291) (co-author)
홍성수(ADPER0000259152] (co-author)
Effect of Pretreatment Conditions on the Catalytic Activity of Benzene Combustion Over SBA-15-Supported Copper Oxides
Effect of pretreatment conditions on the catalytic combustion of benzene over SBA-15-supported copper oxide prepared using the precipitation-deposition method
Effect of synthesis conditions on the preparation of titanium dioxides from peroxotitanate solution and their photocatalytic activity
La 이온이 도핑된 Ti-SBA-15의 합성 및 메틸렌블루의 광촉매 분해 반응
MoO<sub>3</sub>-SnO<sub>2</sub>-CeO<sub>2</sub> 촉매에 의한 대두유로부터 바이오디젤의 합성
Photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue over yttrium ion doped Ti-SBA-15 catalysts
Photocatalytic decomposition of orange II over TiO2-loaded on SBA-15 prepared using a microwave process
Sm이온이 도핑된 Ti-SBA-15 촉매에서의 메틸렌블루의 광촉매 분해 반응
Synthesis of nanosized TiO2/SiO2 particles using microwave processes and their photocatalytic activity on the decomposition of orange II
능금산법으로 제조된 페롭스카이트형 산화물에서 벤젠의 촉매연소반응
다양한 방법으로 제조된 CuO/CeO<sub>2</sub> 촉매에서의 벤젠의 연소반응